Chris Fraser

Department of Mathematics

Michigan State University

Email: fraserc4 at msu dot edu

Office: C320 Wells Hall

About me:

I am a Postdoc at Michigan State University. I received my Ph.D from the University of Michigan under the supervision of Sergey Fomin.

Research interests:

Algebraic combinatorics and representation theory, with a focus on cluster algebras and total positivity.

Here are my CV, my arXiv preprints, and my Google scholar page.

Some recent and upcoming talks:

April 30: Great Plains Combinatorics Conference.

April 2: Cascade Lectures in Combinatorics.

Jan 19: U. of Washington combinatorics and geometry seminar, pre-talk and main talk

Oct 15: "Braiding and twisting open positroid varieties," Clusters and braids seminar, AIM program on link homology. Slides and video.

Sep. 21: "SLk skein algebras at punctures", New developments in rep theory from cluster algebras, Isaac Newton Institute Cambridge. Slides and video.

Sep. 21: "Braids, Grassmannians, and spherical twists," Michigan State Geometry & Topology seminar. Slides.

July 2: "Webs and plabic graphs," Bonn Oberseminar in Representation theory (slides).

Papers and preprints:

9. Webs and canonical bases in degree two.

Preprint (2022)| (arXiv)

8. Tensor diagrams and cluster combinatorics at punctures w/ Pavlo Pylyavskyy.

Preprint (2021) | (arXiv) | (slides) | (video)

7. Cyclic symmetry loci in Grassmannians.

Preprint (2020) | (arXiv) | (pdf) | (slides) | (video)

6. Positroid cluster structures from relabeled plabic graphs w/ Melissa Sherman-Bennett.

Algebraic Combin. to appear (2022) | (arXiv) | (pdf)

5. Quantum affine algebras and Grassmannians w/ Wen Chang, Bing Duan, and Jian-rong Li.

Math. Z. (2020) | (arXiv) | (pdf)

4. Tropicalization of positive Grassmannians w/ Ian Le.

Selecta Math. (2019) | (arXiv) | (pdf)

3. From dimers to webs w/ Thomas Lam and Ian Le.

Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. (2019) | (arXiv) | (pdf) |(slides)| (FPSAC Abstract)

2. Braid group symmetries of Grassmannian cluster algebras.

Selecta Math. (2020) | (arXiv) |(pdf) | (Slides) | (FPSAC Abstract)

1. Quasi-homomorphisms of cluster algebras.

Adv. in Appl. Math. (2016) | (arXiv) | (pdf)