Chris Fraser

Email: fraserc4 at msu dot edu

About me: 

I got my math PhD at University of Michigan under Sergey Fomin. I subsequently did postdocs at IUPUI, University of Minnesota, and Michigan State University. Recently, I have become a software engineer.  

Math interests:  

Algebraic combinatorics and representation theory, with a focus on cluster algebras and total positivity.  

I taught a course on these topics in 2020, the course notes might be a useful reference.

Here are my CV, my arXiv preprints, and my Google scholar page.  

Papers and preprints: 

11. Web invariants for flamingo Specht modules w/ Rebecca Patrias, Oliver Pechenik, and Jessica Striker

Preprint 2023 | arxiv

10. Relative cluster categories and Higgs categories with infinite-dimensional morphism spaces (Appendix)
        w/ Bernhard Keller and Yilin Wu
Prepint 2023 | arxiv 

9. Webs and canonical bases in degree two

Combinatorial Theory, to appear| arXiv | slides

8. Tensor diagrams and cluster combinatorics at punctures w/ Pavlo Pylyavskyy

Adv. Math. 2023| arXiv | slides | video | code for computer-assisted proofs

7. Cyclic symmetry loci in Grassmannians

Preprint 2020 | arXiv | slides | video

6. Positroid cluster structures from relabeled plabic graphs w/ Melissa Sherman-Bennett 

Algebraic Combin. 2022 | arXiv 

5. Quantum affine algebras and Grassmannians w/ Wen Chang, Bing Duan, and Jian-rong Li 

Math. Z. 2020 |  arXiv 

4. Tropicalization of positive Grassmannians w/ Ian Le

Selecta Math.  2019 | (arXiv)  

3. From dimers to webs w/ Thomas Lam and Ian Le

Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 2019 | (arXiv) |slides

2. Braid group symmetries of Grassmannian cluster algebras

Selecta Math. 2020 | arXiv |slides 

1. Quasi-homomorphisms  of cluster algebras

Adv. in Appl. Math. 2016 | arXiv 

Slides and videos from talks

Webs and canonical bases in degree two | Cascade Lectures in Combinatorics

Braiding and twisting open positroid varieties | Clusters and braids seminar | AIM program on link homology | video

SLk skein algebras at punctures | Isaac Newton Institute | New developments ... cluster algebrasvideo

Webs and plabic graphs | Bonn Oberseminar in Representation theory