Welcome to the graduate program in the Department of Communication and Culture. We are honored that you have chosen to join our Indiana University family.

This User’s Guide is designed to help you understand the departmental procedures and the bureaucratic processes that will culminate in your successfully obtaining your degree. While most of what you’ll need to know about the process is contained in these pages, please be aware that procedures are subject to change. New rules supersede old ones for everyone, regardless of when you started your program.

Be sure to check your IU email account regularly. This is your official electronic channel for departmental and university correspondence.

If you have questions about the program, please consider one of the following three sources for answers:

Our graduate blog should be your first stop for any question. In addition to updates and changes, discussions of procedure, campus news, and departmental happenings and reminders, the blog menu contains links to many other helpful resources.

KathyTeige, our graduate secretary, either has or can find any information, form, student record, or map through the maze of the bureaucracy you might need. Kathy is also happy to serve as sympathetic ear, occasional nudge, or crying shoulder as the need arises. You may stop by her office (256), call (812-855-6389), or email kteige@indiana.edu with your questions.

The Director of Graduate Studies or the members of the Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC) will be able to provide information about CMCL courses, academic resources,
the scholarly environment, conferences, teaching, and many other topics relating to your studies and research. They are also available for support and advice through your first year of graduate study.