The CMCL Graduate Office

Communication with the Graduate Office is conducted primarily through email. It is imperative that you regularly check your account for messages, reminders and updates from the Graduate Secretary and the Director of Graduate Studies.

In the interest of reducing the daily number of collective and individual emails,  supplies news of our CMCL family, updates and information concerning instructions and policy clarifications, information on fellowships and jobs, departmental, campus, and community events, and links to all your most frequently needed resources.  Wise students make this site their personal homepage. We are also on Facebook at the Indiana University Department of Communication and Culture Graduate Program.

The policies of the Department and the College exist to guide you on your path toward successful completion of a degree.  The forms and timelines provide a roadmap for the journey. If the process is opaque at any point, please ask for clarification. The Graduate Secretary should be your first point of reference for any bureaucratic question.  Don’t hesitate to email, phone, or stop in at 255.

Many of the forms needed along the path to a degree are available electronically.  You need only notify the Graduate Secretary and the form will be sent to you.  Similarly, most questions may be answered online. The Graduate Secretary will point you to web-based resources when applicable.

Note: This Handbook is updated online as necessary. The electronic version supersedes the print version.