Doctoral Program

The Ph.D. degree in Communication and Culture is a research degree. All doctoral candidates are expected to develop sound general knowledge of relevant historical, critical, and theoretical materials as it relates to one or another (or some combination of) the department's three areas of research: rhetoric and public culture, film and media studies, and performance and ethnographic studies. Further, all Ph.D. candidates are expected to develop a specialization through the completion of a series of advanced courses and seminars offered in the Department of Communication and Culture, as well as those offered in cognate departments and programs. This specialization will be tested in the qualifying examination, and will be expanded and deepened through the completion of a dissertation. 


Degree Requirements

Plan of Study and Appointment of Advisory Committee

Qualifying Exam and Nomination to Candidacy

Nomination of Research Committee

Prospectus Submission and Defense

Dissertation Defense and Graduating

ABD (All But Dissertation) Status

For a nuts-and-bolts guide to getting this done, visit the CMCL User's Guide to Graduating.