Course Offerings

Rhetoric and related courses

C501: Introduction to Rhetoric and Public Culture
C505: Productive Criticism of Political Rhetoric
C511: Premodern Rhetorical Theory
C512: Rhetorical Theories of Cultural Production
C513: Rhetorical and Sociopolitical Judgment
C523: Theory and Research in Persuasion
C608: Images and Critique in Public Culture
C611: Topics in Rhetoric and Public Culture
C612: Constituting Democracy in Rhetorical Discourse
C613: Coherence and Fragmentation in Postwar American Discourse
C614: Rhetoric, Ideology, and Hegemony
C615: Problem of Protest in America
C616: Rhetorical Critiques of War
C617: Rhetoric and Visual Culture
C618: Rhetoric and Critical Hermeneutics
C619: Feminism in Rhetorical Theory
C661: Environmental Communication and Public Culture
C705: Research Seminar in Rhetoric and Public Culture
C727: Seminar in Cross Cultural Communication

Media Studies

C503: Introduction to Media Theory and Aesthetics
C506: Methods of Media Research
C552: Media Institutions and the Production of Culture
C592: Media Genres
C593: History of European and American Films I
C594: Media History
C596: National Cinemas
C606: Media Criticism
C620: Media, Politics, and Power
C652: Globalization of the Media
C662: Media Audiences
C691: Authorship in the Media
C792: Advanced Seminar in Media Theory

C793: Seminar in Media

Performance and Ethnography

C502: Introduction to Performance in Communication and Culture
C507: Methods of Ethnographic Research in Communication and Culture
C610: Identity and Difference
C634: Networks, Systems, and Flows
C635: Humor in Use
C650: Ethnography and Social Theory
C627: Performance in Communication and Culture
C637: Publics
C706: Theories of Performance in Communication and Culture

Production, Practica, and Independent Study

C545: Introduction to Pedagogy in Communication and Culture
C622: Advanced Pedagogy in Communication and Culture
C560: Motion Picture Production
C561: Intermediate Motion Picture Production
C660: Advanced Motion Picture Production
C626: Studies in Contemporary Communication
C646: Pedagogy Practicum
C701: Practicum in Communication Research
C710: Research/Independent Study