Graduate Study in Communication and Culture

Indiana University's masters and doctoral programs in Communication and Culture emphasize the cultural dimensions and implications of communication practices from oral and written language, to film, television, and digital narrative. Organized into three areas of research – rhetoric and public culture, film and media studies, and performance and ethnography – the curriculum brings together faculty with a broad range of backgrounds and interests within these fields and provides a solid foundation in the history and theory of each area.

The Department treats these interconnected areas of research as complementary interpretative practices that achieve their fullest potential when set in conversation with one another. Our collective strength and our commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship encourage graduate students to develop uniquely productive and integrative programs of study that reach beyond traditional topical boundaries. At the same time, the breadth and expertise of our faculty enable graduate students to devote considerable focus to one or more discrete areas of intellectual inquiry.

Explore this Handbook to learn more about negotiating the process toward the masters and doctoral degrees. If you have additional questions, please contact the Graduate Secretary or the members of the Graduate Affairs Committee. All are eager to help.

Table of Contents

Areas of Research                                              

The Scholarly Environment                               

Masters Program                                                    

Doctoral Program                                              

Good Standing                                                       

The CMCL Graduate Office                                 

Course Offerings  

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