Listserv Discussion Summary-
Summary-September 2008-Progress repoorts

SUMMARY: September 2008

Topic: Progress Reports

Moderators: Anupama, Suman G and Barathi

Faculty: Jugesh, Madan

2007 Mentor: Chetna

Dear All,

The discussion in September 2008 was on Progress Reports. We all have posted our progress reports. We received progress reports from 12 fellows (out of 16). We shared the problems faced during our project work. Most of us were able to cope up with the problems and were able to achieve targets set in Gantt chart.

The titles of projects received and their problem areas are as follows:

I have added a few suggestions

Fellow: Anupama Sukhlecha

Project Title: Student led objective tutorials (SLOT) in Pharmacology
Help needed: Suggestions in questionnaire preparation, References on this topic/ methodology

Feedback Questionnaire: Put up the draft to the faculty, seniors and co fellows for comments. You will come up with great improvements. A pre and post test to note improvement in knowledge with the topic under discussion as well as the quality of MCQ framed by the students will add more meaningful data. You could also do an item analysis to objectively analyze the quality of MCQs framed by the students.

Fellow: Anurag Chaudhary 

Project Title: Students’ Feedback in Improving Learning in Community Medicine

Help needed- Appropriate literature on this topic

She has received links to a few websites related to her topic


Fellow: Bharti Uppal

Project Title: Inventory of learning Styles in a medical School

Help needed- Some references about learning styles in medical students



Fellow: S. M. Bhatti

Project Title: The Impact of Contextual learning of ocular physiology on first year MBBS students

Help needed- Need help for data analysis. My project has both qualitative and quantitative data.

There are a lot of websites which can help you.


Fellow: Ciraj A.M

Project Title: Incorporating Problem Based Learning (PBL) in microbiology for undergraduate medical students

Help needed: No specific help needed

Blocks in Microbiology curriculum were explained. 


Fellow: Kalyan Goswami

Project Title:  Development of problem solving skill in group tutorial based revision exercise using relevant case scenario

Help needed- More information to analyze the subjective feed back data

Discussion that was held on qualitative research will give useful information.


Fellow: Maya Jamkar

Project Title: To introduce One Minute Preceptor (OMP), a learner centered educational strategy for clinical teaching of postgraduates in Anesthesiology


Help needed- What questions should I put in feed back form?

You could  pretest the questionnaire that you are using.If you could "test" the lectures/role play/faculty orientation for this method, that will validate your method. It will be nice if you can use both qualitative as well as quantitative evaluation.You take approval from "Institutional Ethics committee"...not Ethical Committe...all such committees are Ethical by default.The statements-faculty was satisfied/curious appear vague. You could put the same observations more objectively. An interim analysis of the results will put the results in a better perspective.



Fellow: Navneet Kaur 

Project Title: Introduction to Healthcare management principles in undergraduate training in medical schools

Help needed- Mail me the Likert scale which was used for the FAIMER workshop at Ludhiana,

 Link to Likert scale was mailed


Fellow: Praveen Singh

Project Title: Introduction of CBL for teaching anatomy in a conventional medical school

Help needed- Various methods of evaluation of CBL modules undertaken and various feedback formats

Link for an article similar to this project were mailed.


Fellow: Sajjad

Project Title:   Improving the academic performance of problem learners in medical school  by composite teaching methods.

Help needed- Some references about problem learners

Useful links and websites were provided


Fellow: Sitalakshmi

Project Title: To study the role of feedback to make curricular improvements in undergraduate clinical pathology training.

Help needed: Suggestions regarding how to analyze the questionnaire

Validate the questionnaire before collecting feedback because you are going to suggest curricular changes based on this. Save time by beginning to analyze the data immediately after collecting feedback.



Fellow: Suman Singh

Project Title: Application based learning –through hospital based project work for teaching microbiology in under-graduates medical education.

Help needed- Project based learning has not been tried in medical education and I am finding it difficult to gather scientific literature

Brief the students well about the need for control group and how it is important for your project. They will then be reassured. Arrange for a similar exercise for them, once the project is completed. Analyze the data with appropriate tests...since you have the requisite groups for the same.

A few links to published articles on similar studies were provided.



Fellow: Barathi Subramaniam

Barathi was transferred from Gangtok to Manipal. In this process he couldn’t take part in the listserve. He has completed the study and is in the process of analyzing the results. He is also doing literature search on the same so as to get supportive evidence for his findings.


Manjit, Rahman and Suman G did not send their progress reports.


Congratulations to Faimerians


§         Hemlata’s paper on: “Feedback of students” published in South East Asian Journal of Medical Education.

Available at:


§         Himanshu’s paper on “Implementation of Integrated learning programme in the first year of medical course under a conventional curriculum: perception of students and faculty” accepted by BMC medical education

Abstract available at:,f1000m,isrctn


§         Teacher’s day celebrated on 5th September.


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  • Best Moderator award
  • Logistics for 2009 programme at Ludhiana



Thanks to all the fellows, mentors and faculty


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