Curriculum Innovation Project

Simple Guidelines

Only online applications will be entertained. The enclosures should be sent by post to

Dr. Tejinder Singh, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana before closing date. 


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Curriculum innovation project is a small piece of action research, to be carried out by the Fellow during the intersession period (between the first session in January 2009 and second session in January 2010). This research can focus on any aspect of medical education or curriculum innovation. Some examples include-

a. Instructional design: Using newer or innovative teaching methodologies like small group learning, learning by objectives,problem based learning, case based learning, community based education etc.

b. Instructional strategies: Using interactive presentations, computer based learning, web based learning, self learning, distance learning etc.

c. Assessment startegies: Use of formative assessments to guide learning, short answer questions, newer varieties of MCQs , OSCE, mini case presentation, one minute preceptorship, newer techniques and startegies of internal assessment , computer based assessment etc.

d.Attitudinal aspects: Professionalism, ethics teaching, group dynamics , student motivation etc.

e. Miscellaneous: Development of self instructional materials, student feedback , faculty training etc.

This list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. You can think of a number of ideas from your experience and felt needs. Having decided the project topic, you should now proceed to write the project outline, in the style in which you would write any other research proposal.

Keep the following essential headings in mind-

1. Need for the intervention, giving the rationale, why you think it is important in your medical school.

2. What you plan to do ?

3. How you plan to do ?

4. What are the measureable end points of your intervention in terms of learning?

5. How will you quantify these endpoints ?

6. What will be the impact of this intervention on your department/medical school /country?

7. What are the costs  and how they will be met ?

8. Any other relevant information


Having written the project ,please take a printout of the same to share with your Principal/Dean/Director, as the case may be and get a letter from him/her stating the need, feasibility and utility of the proposed intervention. The letter must  state that Institutional support will be made available to you for carrying out this project. Your application is unlikely to be considered in absence of a clear letter of support from your Institution. Please note that the Regional Institute does not bear any expenses related to the project.

During the first session, you will have ample opprtunities to discuss your project proposal with educational leaders and Institute, who will help you to refine the proposal. During subsequent email discussions during the intersession period , you will also be able to seek help from a Global network of medical educators and benefit from their experience. You will be required to present the report during second session.


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