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A site that lets you search for a place for any type of story. Very easy to use!


This site lets you find agents and search within gernes.

Lowchensaustralia (Name site)

Amazing name site. Has a bit of everything!


Another great naming site. It works great for fantasy names.


Another great naming site.

The Forge

Great page for finding interesting names for landscapes and more.

Ship Guide

Writing a novel about ships, this is the place to go!


Need to create a kingdom? This site can help.

Magical World Builder's Guide

Tons of great information here on everything to build a world.


A great program to help with getting all your notes in one place. Keynote is on the left of the screen, click it and it'll bring up the information. Plus, its free!

Free Mind

 Another free program, it a brain storming program that you can build. Great fun!

Word Meters

Great site to display your word counts. (I use this on my home page!)