The Collaborative Modeling/ Cross Impact (CMCI) project, is an international research effort lead by Professor Murray Turoff and including Dr. Victor Amadeo Banuls Silvera, Dr. Starr Roxanne Hiltz, and Dr. Linda Plotnick.  This work is aimed at considering what are called the “lifeline variables” in an emergency, the critical infrastructures.

Our current efforts are focused on a survey of professionals which will ultimately result in a dynamic model showing the relationship among  critical variables in a disaster response environment that will show how each influences the others.  These results will show planners how increasing the resiliency of anyone will influence the performance of the others.

Most current efforts in this area result in some sort of static priority listing without any inherent understanding of the relationships among the critical variables.  Using some recent modeling methodology based on Cross-Impact principles and the results of our survey and other research efforts, we hope to determine a collaborative dynamic model of the relationships among our list of 16 conditions (variables).  We have chosen to list 16 such conditions in terms of expressing the worst possible outcome of each.  The conditions are listed at The 16 Critical Conditions

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact the researchers at Research.CMCI(AT)gmail.com. 

Please note that the (AT) in the email address above needs to be replaced by the @ symbol to create a working email address.  It is written here with the word "AT" to avoid spamming by malicious bots that scour the web looking for email addresses.