Organizing a cmc-corpora event

If you'd like to organize a conference in the cmc-corpora series, please get in touch with the coordinating committee (CC). Send a short application which covers the scientific part of the
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event, as well as details of the local organization – see hereafter – and a provisional budget.

Each conference is organized by local organizers in cooperation with the CC. cmc-corpora conferences are announced via the cmc-corpora mailing list and the cmc-corpora Facebook page with a call for papers at least six months in advance. Papers submitted for the conference are selected on the basis of a double peer review organized via an online submission system (e.g., EasyChair, ConfTool) and with the help of a conference program committee (PC). The PC includes members of the CC. The other members of the PC are chosen cooperatively by the local organizers and the CC. The PC should comprise 10 people at minimum and – for continuity's sake – include people from the PC of previous conferences. The reviewers should make sure that submissions represent projects from different countries and on CMC in different languages. The standard conference language is English.

The local organizers report to the CC early in advance about their plans for local organization (venue, program structure, accommodation) and set up a conference website which is interlinked with the cmc-corpora website (= this one). The CC is involved as a partner in general aspects of planning the conference while the main responsibility for the overall organization of the event is with the local organizers.

The local organization should take care of the following standards for hosting an international conference in the humanities:

  • The program should include keynote talks by invited speakers (e.g.: one invited speaker from the local scientific community and one or two speakers from abroad). The local organizers should make sure that there's a funding for the travel and accommodation costs of the invited speakers.
  • The publication of conference proceedings is encouraged (but not compulsory) to preserve the major outcomes of the conference for the scientific community.
  • Up-to-date technical equipment in the conference venue (beamer, computer for presentation, enough room for the expected number of participants).
  • If different sessions in the conference are scheduled for different rooms, it should be always clear for the participants where to find the room of their choice, and participants should have time to switch from one room to the other.
  • Each session for the conference should have a conference chair.
  • A general conference fee should be avoided, if possible.
  • In the conference breaks, a coffee bar with at least coffee, tea and non-alcoholic drinks should be provided. If there's no option for getting the coffee bar funded by a third party, it is acceptable to ask the participants to pay a lump sum for coffee bar & refreshments which covers the expenses of the organizers.
  • For lunch breaks, the local organizers make suggestions where participants could go for lunch (or organize to have lunch with the whole group). Participants pay the lunch by themselves except that the local organizers have funding to invite them.
  • The local organizers make sure that at least on one day of the conference (or on the evening before the conference) there's a conference dinner / social event.
  • On the conference website, the local organizers provide travel directions for the participants considering different means of transportation.
  • The program & schedule of the conference is made available on the conference website as early in advance as possible.

The CC supports the local organizers with:

  • planning and announcing the conference,
  • as members of the conference PC,
  • with the general cmc-corpora website and Facebook page,
  • with a documentation of the event on the website after the event is over,
  • with any other questions that the local organizers may have.

Get in touch: contact @ (without spaces)