Global actions against weak Australian Bill

CMC Australia is requesting campaigners across the world in taking part in the Fix the Bill on cluster bombs campaign in Australia. 
We are suggesting following actions: 
A) lobby their own government to do so government to lobby Australia, 
B) request meeting with Australian embassy, 
C) make a press conference in their country to generate media about Australias weak legislation on cluster bombs, 
D) ask MPs, unions etc to send letters to Australian politicians and government, 
E) ask what other actions they think could be productive

Australia has signed the treaty banning cluster bombs, but the government is introducing legislation that allows Australian soldiers to actively and directly assist the USA to continue using clusters. The bill also lets the USA stockpile cluster bombs on Australian soil, transfer cluster bombs through Australian territory and does nothing to prevent ongoing investment in manufacture. Cluster bombs kill and maim civilians for decades after wars end.