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My Research (PhD and Beyond) in Emergence, Social Networks & the Creation of Shared Knowledge.

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As learners in the workplace turn toward just-in-time answers, knowledge and support networks, it becomes more pressing to understand how knowledge can be harnessed in this new, anytime digital environment.

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My dissertation work investigated DESIGN and SUPPORT for environments where learners are able to create, locate and share organizational knowledge. Design for emergence-based learning must allow for the not only the successful just-in-time learning of the individualbut also sharing what is known within the organizational knowledge base.My research attempted to step into the realm of this complex puzzle by asking trusted members of the Blogosphere community who are studying/ researching/ designing anytime learning and shared knowledge to explore and explain what they believe to be true about successful practices within a new, digital learning environment. The original research began with a social network analysis (SNA) of the Blogosphere, exploring possibility for this tool to uncover expertise in a little-known research field and then used these 'knowledge nodes' to define and document their ideas at a shared wiki site. The SNA results and knowledge gathering are now open to the world at the links on your left. The research continues to explore possibilities for what I call "knowledge architecture", especially as related to emergent e-learning practices and distributed knowledge networks. 

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