Club Members

President                               Jason Bell
Vice-President                       Anna Travis
                                Kesha Christie 
Secretary                               Jill Peters
Treasurer                               Laurie Merryman
Director of Equipment          
and Jerseys                           Mindy Kerwin 
Director of Fields                  Paul Robertson
Director of Referees             Danielle Bell
Director of Coaches             Brandie Chevalier
Director of Social Media      Katie Markley

Board Member Responsibilities

The election of officers takes place at the annual meeting held in the spring. Officers assume their roles July 1 and hold office for a two-year term.

President - Supervises all activities of the club, conducts meetings, appoints special officers/committees as required, and oversees all scheduling of the fields for regular season games.

Vice President - Responsible for the recruitment and training of all volunteer coaches and assumes the President's duties in his or her absence.

Treasurer - Maintains all financial records for the club.

Secretary - Responsible for taking minutes at each meeting and handling club correspondence.

Registrar - Registers all youth and coaches according to the rules and regulations of ISYSA and the Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League.

Equipment/Jersey Manager - Responsible for supervising the maintenance of all equipment owned by the Club and issuing of equipment to coaches.  Orders and distributes jerseys.

Director of Fields - Responsible for supervising the marking and maintenance of the fields during the season and for the maintenance and storage of painting equipment and nets.

Director of Referees - Responsible for scheduling referees for all games and recruiting and training referees.

Director of Coaches - Guides coaches with resources, club updates, and conducts preseason meetings.


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