2014 - 2015 School Year:

4th Quarter:

~ Gained more experience using the Blender open-source design software designing the personalized Keystone's for our legislators.

~ PAECT 2015: A valuable experience overall! We were one of two schools that presented on 3D printing at the entire showcase.

~ Troubleshooted leveling issues and extrusion issues with the Makerbot 2x.

~ Had the opportunity to introduce 3D printing to 3rd & 4th Graders at the WHEC Science Day.

~ Began looking at options for a possible Wyomissing booth at the World Maker Faire in the Fall of 2015. Details Coming Soon!

~ Also have been exploring options for enhancing and fixing the SmartPod Project that this year's graduating Seniors have been working on.

~ Fixed & tuned-up a few of the in-house Printrbot 3D printers. Even one that had been dropped and broken in half!

~ Setup the Library's new Printrbot Simple Metal 3D Printer that they plan to use next year.

~ Explored ways to network the 3D Printers using OctoPi software that would allow anyone on the school's network to login to the printer and print their design file all while watching a webcam live-stream of the printer in action right from their browser.

~ Became proficient in the Cura slicing software. Another open-source alternative to Slic3r and RepetierHost.

3rd Quarter:

~ Began my first Robotics project fixing the Printrbot Simples we have.

~ PETE & C 2015: It was a huge success! We definitely were the highlight of the Student Showcase section, Talked with principals, superintendents, and other educational professionals about our use of 3D Printing in the classroom.

~ Became proficient in the Blender open source design software.

~ Used the Makerbot 2x we have to print test models for my phone case.

~ Using a Wyo3D guide, I was able to successfully design a dual-extruded Galaxy S4 case for myself. I have not yet printed it due to clogging issues with our Makerbot Replicator 2x.

~ Learned about the post-secondary engineering degree opportunities at Penn State Berks.

~ Completed CodeAcademy's JavaScript course! This course will come in handy when learning Java next year!

~ PAECT Student Showcase: With help from Mr. Minich, I drafted and submitted our application for the Pennsylvania Asscoiation for Educational Communications and Technology Student Showcase at the State Capitol in May. Update (3/20/15): Our application was accepted! We will be among one of the schools featured at the showcase!

~ State Legislature: Since we will be at the Capitol for the Student Showcase in May, I thought it might be a good idea to arrange for a tour with our State representatives. I drafted correspondence for both our State Senator, Judy Schwenk; and our State Representative; Mark Gillen. Update (3/25/15): Someone from State Senator Judy Schwenk's office contacted us. We will be meeting her during our Capitol visit for the PAECT Showcase on May 11th, 2015!