3D Printing


STEM Team travels to New York City for Maker Faire 2015!

- For the first time in Wyomissing history, the STEM team will be showcasing the Smart Pod home-monitoring device at the World Maker Faire to over 95,000 attendees! (September 2015)

We're going to PAECT at the State Capitol!

- We'll be showcasing for the first time at the state capital our variety of 3D Printers, various community projects (Smart Pod, etc.) to encourage legislators to place more emphasis on STEM in Pennsylvania classrooms! (May 2015)

We're going to Pete & C!

- We'll be returning again this year to showcase our variety of 3D Printers, and hopefully encourage other schools to invest in a printer too! (February 2015)

Printrbot Simple & Repetier Host: A Guide to Wyomissing's 3D Printers!

- Recently, me and a few other students have begun collaborating on a general-purpose guide to the Printrbot's and the software used with them. See our guide!

Caption: 3D Printing students present their classroom use of 3D Printing in the classroom to Pennsylvania Legislators on the floor of the Capital Rotunda! (PAECT 2015)