2017 World Maker Faire NYC

In early summer of 2017, I began conversations with a few Beloit faculty members about the possibility of taking a group of students to exhibit at the World Maker Faire in New York City. On a whim, I applied to exhibit at the Faire, and in mid-July was accepted! Thus began the tumultuous path to obtaining funding, assembling a team, and coming up with an exhibit idea. Within the next month, I was able to partner with campus offices such as the Office of Admissions and the Center for Entrepreneurship both of which were immensely interested in seeing a once in a lifetime opportunity like this come to fruition for the college and its students. During that same time, I managed to secure the necessary funding, and assemble a team of 5 other highly talented and enthusiastic students with a wide variety of expertises. As a group, we met often to figure out what we could exhibit at the faire. After testing many different ideas, such as a 3D Body Scanner, or an upcycling activity, we settled on slime-making. Those who attended our booth were able to custom-make their slime, by adding a variety of colors, aromas, and textures such as beads and glitter. All in all, the faire was a huge success, with thousands of folks of all ages stopping by their booth to just have fun making slime!

Check out some photos from the trip below!

Team Member(s):

  • Christopher Mazza'20
  • Hoodish Domun'18
  • Yusuke Hatano'20
  • YJ Na'20
  • Emma Dawson'18
  • Christopher Fraga'19

Caption: The team poses for one final photo before departing World Maker Faire 2017 after a long successful weekend!

Caption: Hoodish Domun'18 shows off the fantastic texture of our unique slime recipe to some attendees!

Caption: Christopher Fraga'19 and Yusuke Hatano'20 help attendees with making and customizing their slime!

Caption: Team leader Christopher Mazza'20 shows off his battle scarred food coloring-stained hands: a common sight that weekend!

New York Hall of Science Interview: