Rama Rama Rama

Mahat Sangastu durlabho agamya amoghascha;
Labhayate-api tat kripayaiva - Narada Bakti Sutram 
Satsang is the principlal means of attaining Bhakti & God and it is obtained by the Grace of God alone
The importance of Satsang-Good company-is best illustrated by the great epic Ramayana. By his association with Hanuman, Vibhishana the brother of Ravana, was transformed into a Rama Bhaktha; While on the other hand because of the influences of evil-minded  Mantara, Kaikeyi brought infamy and widowhood and estranged herself from her noble son Bharatha.
The Muthulakshmi Nagar Asthiga Samajam was founded with an aim of providing a platform for spiritual Sathsang-the gathering of Godwardbound seekers- a must for the sprouting of spiritual desire and its fulfillment. Through Satsang one develops freedom from delusion, faith in truth and thus attain liberation itself which is the goal of human birth. Realizing that temples provide a  platform for such a congregation- Sathsang, Asthiga Samajam constructed Sri Vallabha Ganapathy & Sri Veera Anjaneyar Temple at Muthulakshmi Nagar Chitlapakkam.                
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