2014 Pop Warner National Championships

South County Jr. Pee Wee 3 Medium - 2nd place national finalists
Blackstone Valley Pee Wee 2 Large - 2nd place national finalists
North Middlesex Jr. Midget 2 Medium - 2nd place national finalists

Congratulations to the cheerleaders and their coaches for outstanding performances and representing Central Mass Pop Warner.

2014 New England Regional Competition
Qualified for Nationals!

South County Indians - Jr. Pee Wee 3 small - 1st place
Blackstone Valley Patriots  - Pee Wee 2 large - 1st place
North Middlesex Cowboys - Jr. Midget 2 medium - 1st place

Received awards for finishing in the Top 5!

Athol-Mahar Patriots - Jr. Pee Wee 1 small - 4th place
Oakmont Chargers -  Jr. Midget 3 small - 4th place
South County Indians - Midget 3 small - 4th place
Winchendon Wolverines - Midget 3 medium - 4th place
Blackstone Valley Patriots - Midget 3 large - 3rd place

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