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Back to where I once belonged, as a pre-Google netizen would say.


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 I used to have a home page back in 1998. Maintenance as always was a problem. It stopped in time and in internet time that means it is now a precious digital archaeological object. In the dust and away, one day I FOUND it! Thank God www.archive.org exists to help lost desert souls. For those with curiosity enough, try to fetch www.recife.softex.br/cmarinho at the archive.

But we are in the 2000´s and my sons are 20 and 15 year-old handsome boys. They are blog-generation guys and maybe won´t be able to understand how fascinated I am now typing these words with the amazing realization they are being saved real-time, no need to html them at all...can´t believe that...

Well, from now on, this is a new trip -- back to the future. Welcome aboard! 

Cláudio Marinho (email me)

ps.: why "our lady of the good hour"? after the little XVIII century church that gives the name to my street, in Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil -- Boa Hora Street; this is where I live and frome where I see the netscape.

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