CMALT ePortfolio

This ePortfolio covers the requirements from the Guidelines for CMALT candidates and assessors and should be compiled in 6 months once registered as a candidate. If you are not an individual member of ALT, you will need to join prior to submitting your portfolio.

Contact and Employment Details

 Ian Guest
 Contact Details:
Sheffield High School
10 Rutland Park
S10 2PE

Online: 'In the pICTure'

 Job Title:
Head of eLearning
Sheffield High School
Twenty years teaching Physics in the UK maintained secondary sector, including twelve years as Head of Physics.
Three years as Curriculum Development Consultant in a Sheffield City Learning Centre.
Nine years as ICT Development Manager leading a school ICT support team.
Now Head of eLearning and championing the use of learning technologies to enable, enhance and extend the learning process.
2011 MSc Technology Enhanced Learning - Sheffield Hallam University
2006 MSc ICT in Education - Sheffield Hallam University
1981 PGCE - University of Sheffield
1980 BSc Materials Science - University of Leeds

Contextual Statement

In order to set your portfolio and evidence in the context of your own role, please give a brief overview (around half a page and not exceeding one page) of:
  1. your background, skills and experience, including current or recent activities or roles relevant to this application for CMALT;
  2. why you are wishing to complete the CMALT accreditation and how
  3. this relates to your future career aspirations.
It was during my teaching career that I was fortunate to have been exposed to innovative methods in the use of ICT being used by a younger colleague to support his Physics teaching. Recognising the potential this might offer for improving the learning process, engaging learners and providing access to resources at times and in places previously not possible, my interest and enthusiasm had been sparked. Needed to follow that developing passion necessitated a career change which (see background above) led to my current role. Along the way and through a variety and range of opportunities, my approach towards and philosophy of learning have subtly changed, becoming broader and much more accepting and appreciative of learner-centred approaches.

Applying for CMALT serves several purposes. Firstly it allows me to take stock of the pathways by which I've found myself in this position, revisiting some of the projects and initiatives with which I've been involved and reflecting on how successful they were and the impact they had. This undertaking will serve to acknowledge the professional experience I’ve developed and serve as an adjunct to the formal academic qualifications I’ve also gained. Secondly, the challenge of assembling the portfolio and reflecting on what to include will hopefully also inform the activities and projects upon which we’ve embarked in school and those we’re currently planning. Finally the application is the first step in the process of becoming a member of the CMALT community, a group of people inextricably linked with the areas about which I am passionate; I hope to be able to learn from them and where possible give back to the community.

Given my (ahem) age, this application is less about career development and more about personal and professional development. As I wrote earlier, producing this portfolio has been in itself a valuable process in itself, encouraging some of the areas already explored to be revisited, in preparation for what might yet be to come.  If successful, then becoming part of the community would add an additional set of nodes to the networks to which I currently belong, thereby enriching my own learning and hopefully that of others.

Core Areas

Legal Declaration

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the statements and evidence included in this submission accurately describe my practice and are drawn from my own work, with the input and support of others duly and clearly recognised.

 Signed: Ian Guest
 Date: 12th September 2014

(Note that forms submitted electronically will be treated as if they were signed so long as the candidate’s name and date of completion are typed above.)