I'm Malcolm Keating, and I
 am Assistant Professor of Philosophy and JY Pillay Fellow in the Humanities Division of Yale-NUS College, Singapore, with a joint courtesy appointment in the Department of Philosophy, National University of Singapore.

I defended my dissertation in the philosophy department at the University of Texas at Austin in November 2014 under the supervision of Stephen Phillips. I earned my master's degree in philosophy at the University of Missouri - St. Louis

I'm interested in language, meaning, and knowledge. My research employs historical philosophy in the service of philosophy as a whole. More specifically, my work engages with the classical Indian philosophical tradition as well as contemporary Anglophone (analytic) philosophy of language.

I am on study leave Semester 2 and am not teaching any courses. You can see previous courses here.
Recent News and Upcoming Events
  • Language, Meaning, and Use in Indian Philosophy is now under contract with Bloomsbury Academic Publishing.
    • An introduction to Indian philosophy of language by way of Mukulabhaṭṭa's Abhidhāvṛttamātṛkā, a work on poetics, grammar, & philosophy. Manuscript due May 2018. I'll be workshopping a draft of the text in February 2018 at Harvard University, in the South Asian Studies Department.

  • Major Texts and Arguments on Reasoning in Indian Philosophy is now under contract with Bloomsbury Academic Publishing.
    • An edited volume focused on the debate over the knowledge source known as "postulation" (arthāpatti) in the brahminical traditions in India. The book will include primary texts with a substantial introduction along with essays intervening in the debate from philosophical and historical perspectives. Manuscript due May 2019. An August 2018 workshop funded by a large research grant from Yale-NUS College will enable collaborators to meet and discuss translations and essays.