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Saijo, Hikaru
OH: Mon. 15:00-17:00
(Somewhere in Philly)

Li, Huiyu:
OH: Fri. 13:00-14:40        
(Room 433)

TA session                                 Thursday, 8:30-10:10,                   Room 4 on the 3rd floor 


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  • (1/29) Rules for the Exam: 
    • Open book, anything except for a PC is ok
    • Exam will cover everything Professor Hayashi taught
  • (1/29) I will have an additional TA session during my Office Hour tomorrow. So the time is 13:10-14:40. The place is Room 3 on the 3rd Floor. Note that it is next to the our classroom.  I will go through exercises 24.4 and 24.8 in LSII. 
  • (1/21) In tomorrow morning's TA session, I will cover exercises in Chapter 15.
  • (1/14) In tomorrow morning's TA session, I will cover exercises in Chapter 15 and the last example of Lucas and Stokey (1983) that Prof Hayashi asked you to solve. 
  • (1/7) There will be a TA session tomorrow morning. I will cover the exercises in Chapter 17.
  • (12/19) I'm sorry that I was not at my OH today. I went to a conference in RIETI. I forgot to put up a notice. I will be away next Friday also. So to make up for this two OH, I will be in my office in the morning next Monday. Please come if you have questions. 
  • (12/17) All the exercises in chapter 17 contains programming. So in the first part of the TA session, I'll go through the basic structure of the programs using this program, 
  • (12/17) I will be going through exercises in chapter 17 in tomorrow's TA session. Professor Hayashi says you don't have to do the last question.
  • (12/11) I still have some answer sheets from the midterm. Please come to my OH tomorrow to pick up your answer sheet.  
  • (12/11) Next week's TA session: I will be covering exercises in Chapter 17. Prof. Hayashi says we don't have to consider the last question. 
  • (12/11) Confirmation of Question 16.5 answer: I said that the natural borrowing constraint is 0 in today's TA session. Prof Hayashi agrees with this. He says you don't have to think too much about the natural borrowing constraint when the endowment process does not have a finite support. 
  • (12/10) Tomorrow's TA: I will be going through the rest of Chapter 16's exercises. 
  • (12/5) I'm very sorry for the sudden change. I have a high fever so I will cancel my OH today. I'll have a make up OH next Monday 10:00-12:00. 
  • (12/4) I have your midterm answer sheets from Prof. Hayashi. Please come to pick them up during my office hour. If you cannot come during this time, please email me in advance to make an appointment. 
  • (12/3) This week's TA session: I will be going over the exercises in Chapter 16 of LSII.
  • (11/26) I don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow's TA session. However, I will be in Room 4 in the morning to receive questions. If you don't have any questions or prefer Friday's office hour, then you don't need to come tmrw. 
  • (11/26) 中間試験おつかれさま!!!
  • (11/21) If you are running Dynare 3 on the versions of Matlab newer than 2007a, you will probably get an  error message about a dll program. Please do the following things to fix the problem 
  1. download dynare 4
  2. in dynare 4/matlab you will find a program with the same name as the error program
  3. replace the error program in Dynare 3 package with the same named program in dynare 4 
  1. practise writing eqm conditions; 
  2. practise deriving the Euler Equation;
  3. learn Log-normal and normal distributions;
  4. practise computing the H-J bound; 
  5. practise writing your answers in only a few lines (in the past, Professor Hayashi has imposed a maximum number of lines for each question);
  6. if you have time, have a look at Professor Braun's past exams which can be found on his hp
  • (11/15) Next weeks TA session will be in Room 4.  
  • (11/14) Next week's TA session will changed from the usual time on Thursday to Tuesday, Nov 18th, 8:30 to 10:10am. This is so that you have ample time to study for the midterm. The room will be announced tmrw.   
  • (11/13) pdf for tmrw's TA session. I will be going through Hw2 Q6 a) and b). 
  • (11/12) To those who do not have Matlab and use a Windows PC: you have two options. 1) buy the student version which costs about 15000yen and takes 2 weeks for delivery; 2) install software Scilab and use Dynare for Scilab.  2) is free but you will have to learn it on your own. 
  • (11/07) In order to use Dynare on Mac, you need to make your own compiler. You probably cannot use this in school because the school computer does not allow us to install programs. If you are using Matlab on a personal Mac computer, please email me. 
  • (11/07) pdf and rbc.mod for today's session.
  • (11/07) Here is the webpage to dynare
  • (11/05) There will be no TA session this Thursday. Instead, on Friday, we will have a session about Dynare in the computer room on the 4th floor. 
  • (10/29) In tomorrow's TA session, I will go through programs to Hayashi-Prescott (2003). Here are the programs and the printout.
  • (10/17) In Hw1, you are asked to reproduced the result in Chen et al. The author's site contains the data and programs for the paper. Even though the program is available, please try to write your own before looking at the program.
  • (10/17) I have revised the taxshooting.m file. 
  • (10/17) I have uploaded the taxshooting.m file for today's TA session. No need to bring it to the TA session.
  • (10/14) The TA session for this week only is on Friday 13:00-14:40 in the computer room on the 4th floor. I will be going through the program in Julen's Lecture Note 13. My OH will be Thursday 8:30-10:10
  • (10/9)  The time for TA sessions is Thursday 8:30-10:10. Office hours are on Friday 13:00-14:40.