Mr. Maas' Earth/Planetary Science Class

Welcome to Earth Science! This course focuses on exploring everything from how stars form, to how microscopic animals affect every ecosystem here on earth. I sincerely hope all of my students have an enjoyable time exploring our universe and come away with a fundamental appreciation for the scientific method and an increased curiosity about the natural world.


This website is focused on helping parents as well as students understand our class goals, and how we plan to achieve them. Please refer to the class calendar and homework links to find valuable information on upcoming events, projects, exams and due dates. I have also included multiple links to external sites that are designed to help increase student understanding of the content we will be covering during the course.


Parents, I am always happy to make myself available should you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact me at school during school hours or via email*.  It is my hope that your child has an extremely productive and enlightening year, filled not only with tremendous academic growth, but also genuine enjoyment and a strengthened or new found interest in science.

                                                        -Mr. Maas

*Please allow 24-48 hours for email responses.