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Parish Newsletters

The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Parish Council except where indicated.)

Note from the Editor:

We invite all Clymping residents to forward articles or letters about items of local interest for this issue or any future issue, so no time pressures except for individual issues for which articles and letters will be on a first come basis and subject to normal reviews.

Your Articles: Current or historical features from around the village, plus pictures if available.

Your Letters: You write about local issues that concern you or your group, or maybe you wish to say “thank you” for some local service or person. We welcome all your contributions, preferably by email and whilst we reserve the right to edit publications, the views expressed will be yours.

 We look forward to your participation,

Cllr Harold Ward


01903 730754

Below are PDF copies of the last few Newsletters for download.

Clymping PC,
1 Jun 2018, 13:40
Clymping PC,
2 Mar 2018, 11:18