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The parish council is composed of the following seven members (there are no wards): 



 BURRELL, Henry         Atherington Farm, Clymping Street,
 Clymping BN17 5RN   
 01903 718755

 5 Cropthorne Drive, 
 Clymping BN17 5GG

01903 732574
 16 Cropthorne Drive,
 Clymping BN17 5GG
01903 733848
 ADLER, CaroleDove Cottage, Climping Street,
Clymping BN17 5RQ
01903 726144
  WARD, Harold         4 Cropthorne Drive,
 Clymping BN17 5GG    
01903 730754

Certain members are appointed to specific functions or activities at the May AGM each year.  Currently they are as follows:

 Emergencey Plan Working Group All Members
 Transport Group Cllrs Burrell, Adler, Ward and Humphris plus  Mr A Lovell
 Downlands Area Committee of WSCC - JDAC Chairman (Vice-Chairman as substitute)
 Village Hall Cllr Ward
 Police Liaison Cllr Burrell   
 Grundon Liasion (if this is established) Cllr Adler
 Allotments Cllr Ward
 Flood Action Groups/Forums  Cllr Findlay
 Sussex Association of Local Councils Chairman
 Arun District Association of Local Councils Chairman