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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Parish Council Coronavirus Information Newsletter  - including how to find out about help available locally   See here: newsletter

Here are some links to websites for you to get the latest information and advice:

Government: https://gov.uk/coronavirus

NHS:  https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

West Sussex County Council: To find help or volunteer https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/leisure-recreation-and-community/supporting-local-communities/community-hub-covid-19/

Information webpage https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/campaigns/coronavirus-covid-19/

Arun District Councilhttps://www.arun.gov.uk/coronavirus


Grundon Waste Management and Viridorconsultation re Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) and Waste Sorting and Transfer Facility at Ford Circular Technology Park.  The public exhibition is CANCELLED. Ford CTP say “our consultation remains open until Tuesday 14 April and we’re still keen to answer any questions people from your community may have about our project. People can still contact us via our freephone hotline number on 0800 804 4048 or by emailing us at info@fordCTP.co.uk.  You can also find out more about the project by visiting our website at www.fordctp.co.uk – which we’ll continue to update as the project progresses. In particular, please be sure to check back on our FAQs page.”


Following the latest government coronavirus guidance the meeting of Council scheduled for 24th March has been CANCELLED
 Future Dates of meetings will be kept under review - currently:
 26 May 2020 ( preceded by the Annual Meeting of the Parish which starts at 7pm) 28  July 2020, 22 September 2020, 24 November 2020  

Clymping Beach -

EA updates go to our flood/drainage page
EA Information to Residents - To find information on installing your own flood protection measures: the blue pages (http://bluepages.org.uk/) are an independent source of property flood protection suppliers. The National Flood Forum https://nationalfloodforum.org.uk/ are a charity who help support and represent people at risk of flooding.  We encourage people to sign up to our Environment Agency flood warning services which will keep you up to date on when we are expecting to see impacts from flooding. You can sign up here; https://www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings

 Meetings of the Environment Agency and Landowners

Emergency Plan and Community Resilience

Council is part of the Yapton, Ford, Climping & Walberton Joint Emergency & Resilience Group.

The Group will be holding an event at the Yapton & Ford Village Hall on the 11th January 2020 from 10am to 1pm for existing and potential new Volunteers. This will be based on the “What If” programme and entitled “An Introduction to Emergencies” - Delivered by the West Sussex Resilience & Emergencies Team. Please do come along to find out more - Poster What IF

Allotments available 

Go to the allotments page to find out more Allotments

Vacancies for Councillors and how to apply to be co-opted.

From time to time when vacancies arise for a councillor,  Council will fill the vacancy by co-option (unless an election is called for) .  There is currently  1 vacancy to be filled by co-option Co-option information 

Reporting problems to County and District Council

If you encounter a problem e.g. with roads, footpaths or planning have other concerns to raise, please do not wait to report these at a Parish Council meeting as it is quicker to report them direct to the authority responsible for them.  Here is a list of what and how to report something Report it Direct.  There is more information here about Travellers  District and County information on Travellers

Traffic Incidents and SID data

Council would like to keep a record of 'near misses' on our local roads to supplement the information collected by County and Sussex Police on road accidents.  To report a near miss please email Clympingpc@gmail.com with your contact details and the following information:  Date and location of incident and details of what happened (pictures if at all possible).  See the SID data here Speed Indicator Device Data November 2019

To see information on Planning matters please visit the Planning page: Planning


Clymping is a parish of 690 hectares on the south coast to the west of Littlehampton.  It is in West Sussex County Council area and within Arun District Council.   While the parish council prefers the more traditional spelling used on this website the name is often spelt "Climping" and this is the way it usually appears on maps.   In the 2001 census it had a population of 600.

It is crossed roughly east to west by the A259 Littlehampton to Bognor Road.  The other main routes in the parish are the B2233 and Church Lane going from their junctions with the A259 north-west to Yapton and northward to Ford and Arundel respectively. 

Clymping has a long and interesting history.  Fortunately the Victoria County History for Sussex Volume 5 part 1 was issued in 1997 covering the Rape of Arundel and this is available on the web.  Therefore if you click here you will be taken to the section on the parish.

You are asked to check out particularly the Meeting page for the latest information on future meetings. 

Val Knight
Clerk of the Council
33 The Ridings
East Preston
West Sussex
BN16 2TW

Tel: 01903 771922

The VILLAGE HALL can be booked for a range of events at competitive rates.  It is not run by the Parish Council so please visit the Village Hall website:  link to website.  
For Bookings ring 01903 725311 or email clympingvh@gmail.com 

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