'Regeneration is like jam, best when it is homemade'

Clyde Imagineering is an informal group of people who offer a range of free services to community groups and social enterprises in Scotland.

If you click on the Clyde Imagineering Volunteer Group page, you find out more about who we are and what we do. From this page you can
access further pages and more information:

clyde by your side is our community support arm, from its page you can access information about our work in Irvine, North Ayrshire and Lanark,
South Lanarkshire

Group Leadership, on this page you can read profiles of our two Co Chairs

The Academy of Imagineering page details the work of our education, action research and community support toolkit (including project ideas)
arm. From this page you can also access information on key aspects of our approach to community-led regeneration: emotional regeneration, the
key role played by local morale; streetsight, which is a straightforward guide to looking at historic areas and can be used as a means of challenging
                                                     inappropriate proposed developments; and The Regeneration Engine, which describes our view that economic and social regeneration should
                                                     precede physical developments.
                                                     Volunteer Skills are outlined on the final page.

                                                     CONTACT US: clydeimagineering@gmail.com