The Language Arts and Mathematics books are online!! Check out the school website at for textbook info!

District website: PYLUSD

WEEKLY HOMEWORK For Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Sitar and Mr. Wilkerson.

Second grade will adhere to the district's "20 minutes of homework per night for 2nd grade" homework policy.

Centers in two weeks!!!

For clarification- Math Homework and Remembering pages are black and white. Classwork pages are in color and classwork pages do not need to be returned.

Mr. W and Mrs. S will be doing math and ELA Monday through Friday.

Monday 10/1-   Language Arts HW packets went home on Friday. Math lesson 19. HW pp. 35 and 36.

Tuesday 10/2-  Math lesson 20. HW pp. 37 and 38.

Wednesday 10/3- Math lesson 21. Quiz 3 today. HW 39 and 40.

Thursday 10/4- Math Unit 1 Review. HW - study for tomorrow's test.

Friday - Math Unit 1 Test. Language Arts HW pkts. go home today.




Register with scholastic at (it's free) and you can order books online and have them delivered to the classroom.  The activation code is...

Martin- J6LNJ (the deadline is the Friday of the week the flyers are passed out)

Sitar- NYCXP

Wilkerson- J748W (I will order the books as you submit them).

Accelerated Reader (AR)- If you you would like to receive e-mails about your students AR progress or log in to check and see what level an AR book is, here is the web site...

E-mail/Phone:  1-714-986-7460

Ms. Gonsalves- (Ms. G) ext. 47113 e-mail 

Mrs. Martin- ext. 47111 e-mail

Mrs. Sitar-ext. 47110 e-mail

Mr. Wilkerson-ext. 47112 e-mail

Math: Students- Use your computer lab login to view the new National Standards workbook and "homework and remembering". Click on the following button...

Initially you will need to select the country, state, district, and name of our school. Be sure to select the "remember my school" option, so you don't have to do this every time. 

Next, login just like you would for the Chromebooks (the kids have already practiced this). For example, The first six digits is their birth date including zeros for single digit days and months.

Click on the "things to do" tab and select the unit you need. Then click on the lesson and PDF file of all of the homework pages in that unit will appear. You will need to scroll through to find the proper lesson.

Students can access math and reading material at Eduplace. This is not the same program we use in class but is an additional resource you may want to try for extra help. Choose "Houghton Mifflin California Math" and then the appropriate grade level. Under "eMathbook" use...

username: 2pylusd 

password: 2student.

Here are some QR codes for math resources...(Unit 3 and 7 are out of order)


Unit 1 Family Letter:

Unit 2 Family Letter:

Unit 4 Family Letter:

Unit 5 Family Letter:

Unit 6 Family Letter:


Student Glossary:

California State Content Standards:

Grade level Framework:

Unit 3 Family Letter: Unit 7 Family Letter



Recess- 10:45 - 11:05 (everyday except minimum days...not to be confused with early release). 

Lunch- 12:40 - 1:25. Lunch is late this year so plan snacks accordingly. A large snack (preferably with lots of proteins) will help the little ones make it to lunch without too much trouble. 

  •  Students are encouraged but not required to read every night for twenty (20) minutes.

Monday- College shirt day

Every Wednesday is early release.

Friday- Spirit Wear!!

Math tests and quizzes are given as they are presented in the text.

2nd grade standards. By the end of the year your child will know and be able demonstrate the following...

Mr. Wilkerson's class Halloween Party...

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