Seventh Tradition Contributions


World Service Organization of Clutterers Anonymous (CLA) is funded by group contributions in excess of prudent reserve, individual member donations, and literature sales. CLA does not solicit nor promote outside contributions, in order to protect the CLA name from being drawn into political or cultural disputes and conflicts.
There is a long standing tradition in 12-Step Fellowship to "pass the basket" to help defray costs and support the work of our service levels and committees. Most groups pass the basket since CLA is self-supporting through its own contributions as no dues or fees are required for membership.
At each meeting, it is customary to "pass the basket" to collect the individual voluntary donations and uphold 7th Tradition. We "pass the basket" to give everyone a chance to help support our group, Intergroup, and the Fellowship as a whole (WSO).  Since passing a basket is not possible on a phone meeting, we encourage individuals to donate regularly by mail or online.

Members are encouraged to generously support the 7th Tradition at every meeting they attend.  Individual members please limit your contribution to $3000 per year. CLA WSO will accept a bequest in any amount from the will of a deceased member.

It is customary for groups to distribute balances in excess of expenses and prudent reserves to the local Intergroup and to World Service. The 60/40 Plan makes it possible to reach clutterers beyond their doors and between meetings. We suggest the following customary distribution split be made whenever suits each group’s needs monthly or quarterly:

·                              60% - to your local Intergroup

·                              40% - to Clutterers Anonymous World Service Organization; if there is no Intergroup, then the suggestion is 100%


CLA has voted to accept 7th-Tradition contributions online.  If you are a member or CLA group and would like to contribute, please use the button below:

7th Tradition

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Individuals and groups please include detailed information about the source of the donation, i.e. "Tuesday Phone Meeting"  or "Thursday Garden Grove, CA" at checkout in the "Add special instructions" box. 
Adjust the amount you wish to donate at check-out page.

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($5 minimum on-line contribution is suggested but not mandatory.) 

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Of course you can also mail your contribution to us at WSO. Please send contributions to:

PO Box 91413
Los Angeles, CA 90009-1413
With your 7th Tradition contributions you are insuring the continued existence of CLA Fellowship, and the services it provides to help CLA at a local level, and as a whole. 7th Tradition contributions are a big piece of the WSO budget and the service of WSO. The board expressed the sincere appreciation to ALL groups and members who contribute, no matter how much or how little.


CLA-WSO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to CLA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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