CLA publishes CLArity, an eight-page newsletter, four times a year. 

CLArity is sold by subscription or by single copy.  It can be mailed directly to you, to your home, or to your group in discreet packaging.
  • If you choose not to subscribe online, the completed CLArity Mail-in Order Form may be sent to WSO to place your order by mail. Please download, print, complete, and mail the form to us.
    Click  CLArity Mail-in Order Form  to see instructions

Like talking to people about new ideas? Reach out and help CLA with its primary purpose. Talk to new people. Make a positive impact. Write articles for CLArity about your meeting; your CLA experience, strength, and hope; and your recovery.

The CLArity Team is open to new staff writers, editors, and proofreaders. Mentors available.

CLArity and CLA welcome the participation of CLA members, in any form. Attending a telephone meeting; speaking at or facilitating a meeting; and submitting ideas, articles, or recovery moments to CLArity are all ways to help yourself and the cluttering community.

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