embrace the eyeball ethic

Bill Tarlin

Feb 2015
Still writing, still stretching.
Find me sometimes at open mics in Chicago recently with the Wormwood Collective @ Elbo Room.
I'm not sending much out lately, so no new credits.
I have been sharing some things at WattPad. Look for link over there.
Feel free to request a mini-chap, one of several 8-pagers I hand out at readings.
Contact me at clumsyyo@yahoo.com

For several years I've taken the Poem-A-Day Challenge for National Poetry Month.
30 drafts in 30 days each April.
The poetry-free-for-all at everypoet.org is a good place to share if you want to give it a try.
Thread titles from past years:

2006 Leaves of grasp
2007 Easier than abstinence
2008 Free your mime and your asp will follow
2009 Bill's dozing behind the wheel of Samsara
2010 Commuter Poems
2011 Error Messages
2012 What the Flux do Ichor?

Some History
In the mid 20th century, after the war, there was a lit zine called The Bridge (le petit journal) published by Glen Coffield. I found an envelope stuffed with several issues when I was cleaning my parents' garage. See an issue here.

The Bridge

Clumsy Links

Some of these links lead to interesting information about yoga and other things. Some of these pages are not very supportive of yoga as a means to self realization, others are excessively so.

Guru Ratings this one is great for browsing
Yoga Dangers:  --this is kind of spooky
Kundalini Information & Kundalini Network
Vamacara Tantra --Great site with unique distillation of tantric practice.
Yoga Meditation Possibly the best traditional yoga resource online.
Laughter Medicine :  --Just what it says
Burial Vaults --This freaked me out.
Free Beginners Yoga DVDs Video 
Meditation Lessons - Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Chicago, IL I have not done this, nor do I know these people
Sanskrit alphabet, pronunciation and language Wish I had the time
"A Practical Sanskrit Introductory by Charles WIkner": ditto
Shaktipat (Kundalini) Healing Support - tribe.net I used to lurk in all the yoga forums on Tribe but it was down so much I gave up.
Pictures of the brain's activity during Yoga Nidra  Scandinavian Yoga
Ken Blanchard - Promoting the New Age and Buddhism Fear.
Ayadocs's Profile Best Entheo site I've stumbled across
Excerpts from Talk on "Transmuting Sexual Energy" What was it Pigpen used to sing about hands in pockets?
Tara Center - Spiritual development through esoteric yoga
Cult Education Forum :: Recovery from Destructive Cults and Groups :: Eckhart Tolle "advaita" ummm
Fundamental Asanas (Ashtanga) Step 3 after you get your yamas/niyamas buttoned down.

Read me on WattPad:
There are a few documents up including my Crumpled Paper Rant which won the 2014 Chicago Poetry Pentathlon. And Pink Freud, an ongoing sampler of old and new stuff.


POEMS UNSTRESSED is a book of enticements. Move out of the “cradle cadence of wake and sleep”  “Tonight wear nothing but my words.”

Poems Unstressed
is available at Smashwords and their affiliated distributors. Also at Nook & Kindle stores. There is an excerpt up on my profile page at Goodreads. Hand assembled paper copies (you set the price!) available by request, contact clumsyyo@yahoo.com

Embrace the eyeball ethic.

Publication list:

New work in Cardinal Sins journal of SVSU

Anthologized in The Best of McSweeneys (yay!)

Brilliantly Mad magazine

November 2011

Art direction, Layout and production; also contributor, Snow White and the Seven Chakras. 

Commuter Poems

Exact Change Only, summer issue
June 2011

And I signed “Rip Van Winkle” to the passing ship 

MonkeyBicycle website, 2011 Flash fiction

McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, issue 31
June 2009 The Dead Forms issue

I have a Tumblr (rarely updated) where I post original and borrowed content along with the usual parade re-blogs. Check out Dopameme

This vector doodle has been a steady seller at Cafepress. Go figure.