I love coffee, mostly espresso, macchiato, cortado, sometimes capuccino or pour-over. Here is a list of good coffee shops I found around the world (and some that came highly rated and weren't) (disclaimer: Starbucks is not good coffee).

  • Rojo's Roastery - Hands down, one of the best espressos I have ever tasted; they also make a really good cortado.
  • Small World Coffee - Nice coffee shop with better than average coffee and good pastries.
New York
  • Blue Bottle - Popular chain with locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. I went only to the Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen locations and both have pretty great macchiatos.
  • La Colombe - Chain with locations on the east coast and Chicago. I went to the NOHO location.
  • Bibble & Sip - Not as good as Blue Bottle or La Colombe, but still decent coffee in the theater district.
San Francisco
  • Blue Bottle - (see above) Same great coffee at every location. Get it at the Embarcadero and drink it on the pier.
  • Barrington Coffee - Found the location near the Children's Museum by accident; wasn't disappointed.
Los Angeles
  • Coffee Commissary - Several locations in Los Angeles, the one in Culver City has a nice ambiance.
  • Espresso Cielo - Good coffee close to the beach in Santa Monica.
  • Don't go to Menotti's Coffee Shop in Venice. Although it is highly reviewed, I found the coffee ordinary and the music too loud.
  • D'Wasi - By far, the best coffee you will find in Cusco, close to Plaza de Armas. 
  • Cafe Extra has a nostalgic setting, comes very well reviewed but their coffee is terrible. 
  • Capuccino Cafe has ordinary coffee but their location is amazing: if you can get a table by the window, it's almost worth it.
  • Agora Arte Y Cafe - The coffee is ok, the best I had in Miraflores.
  • Lima Cafe - close to the historical center, typical peruvian coffee shop.
  • Don't go to Kulcafe unless you like bad capuccinos with cinnamon.
  • Cafe L'Ambre - This article says it all.
  • Omotesando - One of the best macchiatos I have ever drank. The Tokyo location closed in 2015 but you can find other locations in Kyoto or Hong Kong.
  • Croitoria de cafea - Forget all the so-called "cafes", this is the place to get excellent coffee in Brasov.
  • Octane - One of the few good things to do in Atlanta.
  • Honor - Close to Place de la Concorde and La Madeleine, hidden in an alley. The coffee is amazing, too.