CLUEART MUSIC AND MOVIES PVT. LTD. ® is registered production house. We carry on the business of making, producing, distributing cinematograph and television films and motion pictures of all kinds and to act as agents for the purchase, sale of such films and to run, conduct, hold acting training centers, acting workshops, theatre performances and generally to manufacture or otherwise deal in cinematography, television, theatre and other films and video recordings and photographic or other apparatus. We obtain all kinds of filming permits to shoot at the locations of your choice! As per your budget we can arrange vehicles, accommodations be it luxurious or heritage hotels or budget stay!i

CLUEART MUSIC AND MOVIES PVT. LTD. is producing 5-6 feature films spread out in the next 3 years phase.

Haat Joduni Mi Karto Vinwani (allow birth of girl child as life is once) VIDEO SONG written/composed/sung/filmed by Charusheel Mane Link -
Haat Joduni Mi Karto Vinwani - By Charusheel Mane 

A father who has committed his girls infanticide, then in his oldness his sons drives out him (father) from his house to go in orphanage, he is regretting for killings of girls foetus.
Link -  
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