Our JMP crew is very popular around the community of Chula Vista. The Crew usually has two tryout sessions during the school year, one just after the start of the first semester and another during the second semester of the year. 

The crew dances in many different competitions during the year against other teams from the Southern California Region. Some of the competitons the crew takes part in are hosted at some of the Southern California amusement parks which makes for a very exciting experiance for the students on the team. 

The team also performs at many different community events and functions. This is of course upon request and with collaboration between Club TC and the event organizers. The team also always performs during the CVM talent show which is hosted by the CVM drama department, JMP is usually one of the premier performances at the talent show.

For more information and inquisitions about our JMP program please contact our Club TC Office at (619)498-6868.