Club TC Sports

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Thank you for visiting our Club TC Sports website. This is where you can find a lot of information about the sports programs here at Chula Vista Middle.

Club TC Sports Programs are 100% free for the students of Chula Vista Middle School.  Our coaching staff has a plethora of coaching experience; in fact many of our coaches also coach at the high school level of competition. Our coaches are excellent teachers of the sports they coach and emphasis the teaching of proper fundamentals during practice sessions.

We have, what is arguably, the best and most state of the art middle school training facility in the County of San Diego, this is thanks to the collaboration between our Club TC Sports programs and the dynamic PE department we have here at Chula Vista Middle.  As well our Club TC Program provides a nutritious supper, and one hour of mandatory academic study time for all our student athletes Monday-Thursday.

We preach to our students that hard work physically leads to performing successfully on the fields of competition, but more important, hard work in the classroom leads to successful performance in the game of life. 

If you have any pressing inquisitions about the Club TC Sports Programs feel free to visit our Club TC office located in Room 215 of Chula Vista Middle School or give us a call at our Club TC Office at (619) 498 - 6868. Our hours are Monday –Friday 6:45am-6:15pm on scheduled operating school days.