Our football program has been a traditional power in the Sweetwater Union High School District for more than a decade.

We compete in the MSAL (Middle School Athletic League) in the Sweetwater Union High School District in its Mesa League. Usually we will play between 8-10 games in district competition during the fall season. Then we help host a 3-4 week long ASES spring league where the program plays another 4-5 games. In total our football players get the chance to play between 12-15 games a school year.  

As well we have a very fun event that takes place at our facility every year called the New Years Bowl. In this event 2 teams are drafted, the teams are made up of both school faculty and players from the football team and the 2 teams compete for inter school bragging rights.

If there are any other questions you have about our football program please feel free to contact our Club TC office at (619)498-6868.