Igloo Ideas

Are you bored of your Club Penguin igloo and want to completely re-decorate it to something insanely cool, but you have no clue what? This cheats page will include many igloo ideas and themes for your Club Penguin iggie, this way you can use your items and ideas to create your dream igloo!

Club Penguin Igloo Ideas

A College is one of the most popular Igloo ideas on Club Penguin. To make a college, you have to make sure to have separated rooms, classroom and lockers. To make a classroom, you can use any kind of wall item, but the nicest item to use is the fence. Make about 3 squares and add chairs and put computers on  them, which will look like normal college rooms. To make a classroom, make sure you have a chalkboard, teacher’s desk and about 5 – 7 chairs and desks. You can place the lockers next to the classroom to make it look nicer. To make this igloo, we highly suggest using a big igloo.

Dance party

A very original and fun Club Penguin igloo would be a Dance Party. To have a proper dance party, you will need a lot of dance and hip furniture such as dance floors, disco, concert lights, instruments, TV’s, speakers, stages and more. Basically, try to make it as colourful as possible. A good tip is to add more dance floors than anything and to fill up your igloo’s wall to make itfunky! Any igloo can be used to have a dance party.

Fashion shows and Talent show

Another popular Club Penguin igloo idea is a fashion show/talent show. A fashion show is not exactly a party, but a fun activity where you decorate your igloo and have a mini dress-up game. A leader is appointed at he/she says a certain theme. (Example: Yellow) The leader will pick the penguin who looks the most yellow wins and that penguin is now the leader. To have a fashion show, all you have to do is have some small dressing closets, a leader chair and some space for the dress-up contest. A talent show is almost the same thing, except penguins show off cool things they can do with their penguin. (Example: Singing, Special Dances, etc) A fashion show and a talent show can be in any igloo.


A Club Penguin Airplane igloo isn’t as popular as the other igloo ideas, but still a theme that’s used a lot. An airplane igloo must always have tons of chairs and even a mini bathroom/bar section. To make it look like a real airplane, all chairs should be facing one direction and there should be one section for “1st class”. The first class section should  look nicer, with more expensive chairs and a nicer design. When having an airplane igloo, you should actually pretend you are flying somewhere and there are waiters/waitresses going around serving the passengers. An airplane igloo should always be in a big igloo.


A Club Penguin Café igloo, also known as a Restaurant igloo was a very unique and popular igloo idea, but not as much now. To have a good Restaurant igloo, you should always have a lot of chairs and tables with food if possible, including a kitchen in a specific corner and add some TV’s or stage, depending what kind of restaurant you want. If you want a very fine-dining restaurant, it should be more proper and should have a stage for violin playing. If it was a fast food, it should be more of a running kitchen than anything. If you want a kind of sports restaurant, there should be many TV’s, nachos and tables in the igloo. A restaurant can be in any igloo, but it would nicer in a larger igloo.

Club Penguin Holiday Igloo Ideas


AspookyClub Penguin igloo should only be used in October, for the month of Halloween. A spooky igloo should include haunted mansions, pumpkins, spooky trees and much more halloween items. Try not to have much sunlight, it has to be as scary and cool as possible! Also, you can submit your spooky igloo every October into an annual Club Penguin Halloween igloo contest! Halloween igloos should always be in large igloos, to make it more spooky.

Christmas Igloo

A Club Penguin Christmas igloo should usually be used in December, the month of Christmas. A Christmas Igloo should always have cheerful stuff to remind you of happiness, such as Christmas Trees, presents, Christmas lights, snow and more. Basically, you should make the igloo as colourful and quiet as possible. Sometimes you can even submit your igloo into a Club Penguin Holiday Igloo contest in December! A Christmas Igloo should always be in a large igloo, to have more room for Christmas ornaments.

That is a complete list of Club Penguin igloo ideas. Don’t forget, you can add a bunch of items into one igloo to make it your own unique igloo! Decorating an igloo has no limits, and can always be redone if you don’t like it.

This page will be updated by Matthew722 as soon as another igloo idea is available on Club Penguin.