Director & Coaches

  Amie Dussurget-Quesnell
Club Director

Evergreen Region Area Representative for the Palouse Region  
208-669-CLUB (2582)

Amie joined the board for Club Moscow in August 2012 and became the club director in July 2013. She has a lot of experience playing volleyball, including club, overseas, and as a walk-on for the Vandals. Amie is passionate about volleyball and wants to see year round opportunities grow in the area for both girls and boys.


Grant Schoenlein (head coach)
Katie Hawkins (assistant coach)

Grant joined Club Moscow in September 2013 after coaching for several years in the Seattle area. He is currently a practice assistant for the WSU Women’s Varsity Team and plans to join the coaching staff in the future. Grant describes himself as a “high energy” coach and philosophically believes an athletes ATTITUDE affects one’s ALTITUDE. In addition to improving their skills, it is his goal to instill passion in his players on and off the court.

The Club Moscow U16 Team made tremendous improvement under the leadership of Coach Grant and Coach Katie. They plan to build upon the foundation from last year as they look forward to a thrilling 2016 season!   

Michelle Schaeffer (co-coach)
Michelle Smith (co-coach)

Cassidy Brewer (head coach)
Taryn Olson (assistant coach)
Kiri Lehman (volunteer)

Cassidy joined Club Moscow in September 2014 as the U12 head coach. She has a great love of volleyball and played collegiate volleyball in Alaska before transferring to WSU. The Club Moscow U12 girls not only solidified their fundamental skills under her guidance last year, but also had a lot of fun discovering what club volleyball is all about.