Club News

Looking to the future...

The board has decided to take the 2017-18 Season to revamp and reinvent Club Moscow from the bottom up.
We will not be holding tryouts as we will not be manning teams this coming season.

Thank you everyone for your support over the last few years.
Please be patient with us and keep looking for updates on what we have planned.

We will come back for the 2018-19 season stronger than ever.

We realize this may cause some concern in finding a club to play for.
To help assist in finding a place to play this coming year, here are the area clubs and some information regarding them.

Club ZZU (Pullman)
They are holding a parent info night on Wednesday (November 1st)   7-9pm at the Lincoln Middle School ( SE 315 Crestview, Pullman)
Tryouts will be:
    U12:  Sunday, Nov 5th 2-4pm
    U14:  Sunday, Nov 5th 5-7pm
              Monday, Nov 6th  6-8:30pm
    U15/16:  Monday, Nov 13th  6-9pm
                   Tuesday, Nov 14th 6-9pm (if necessary)
   U17/18:   Tuesday, Nov 14th 6-9pm

    They ask that all paperwork be turned in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to tryouts
    There will be an onlline tryout link posted on their website
    Tryout fee is $15
You can contact Ron Dinsmoor at with any questions.

Evolution Volleyball (Moscow)

     They only have U12 Teams.
     They will not be holding tryout but will try to accommodate as many players as possible.
Contact David Brown at if you are interested in playing for them.

Snake River Juniors (Lewiston)
Their information nights are past (Oct 22 & 23).  

All of their tryout information can be found on their website at
All tryout will be held at LCSC Gym
        U12 - Nov 5th  3-5pm 
        U14 - Nov 5th  9-11am & 12-2pm 
        U16 - Nov 12th  9:30am-12pm & 1-3pm
        U18 - Nov 12th 4-6pm 

For more information contact:
LaToya Harris, Club Director
     208/791-8960 or
Michael Collins, Club President
     208/791-6483 or
Christina Metcalf, Club Treasurer
     208/791-8960 or

Troy Club Volleyball (Troy)
Troy's Club is typically made up of kids from Troy only.
Contact Lisa Hunter @ to find out about options to play.

Varnish Juniors (Genesee)
Like Troy's Club, Varnish is typically made up of kids from Genesee.
Contact Pete Crowley @ for inforamtion.

General Evergreen rules/policies regarding tryouts can be found at
For a complete list of clubs in the Evergreen Regions, visit