Meet the officers for the 2013-2014 school year!

Ashley Smith

Year: Senior
Position: Co-President & Co-Treasurer
Major: Secondary Math Education Major and Coaching Minor
Special talents: Bending in half and baking delicious cookies

Caitlin Radke

Year: Senior
Position: Co-President & Co-Treasurer
Major: Elementary and Special Education Major
Special talents: Doing unique skills (the Radke, full shushunova, stretching, etc.)

Kathryn Reeves
Year: Junior

Position: Vice President
Major: Spanish Education
Motto to live by: When we're awesome, awesome things happen.

Brooke Leach
Year: Sophomore
Position: Safety Officer
Major: Nursing
Special Talents: Building pit igloos

Shelly Stumpf

Year: Sophomore
Major: History
Special Talents: Making lists

Josh Tarnoff

Year: Sophomore
Position: Men's Captain
Major: Psychology
Special Talents: Can lick his elbow