club officers and committees

2009 - 2010

Club Co-Chair: Nicole Bullum

Club Co-Chair: Jessica Young

Club Treasurer: Geoff Leech

Club Secretary: Tiffany Chen

Club Enviro. Justice Chair: Mary Ngo

Club Urban Farm Demo: April Sabucco

Club Earth Week ChairPatricia Moran

Club Event PlannerSabrina Rivera

Club Historian:  Christine Chan

Club Faculty Advisors: Dr. Paul Laris                      

To contact any officers, please email: csulbesp@gmail.com

The President's leadership is a key element in the club's success and:
~ Presides at all meetings of the club and serves as a consultant to all committees.  
~ Is responsible for seeing that the duties of the officers, chair persons, committees, and members are carried out.
The main duty of the Vice President is to assist and support the president, and:
~ Assume the responsibilites of the president if the president is unable to serve.
~ Oversees membership responsibilites such as publicity for potential members.
The Treasurer should attend all events where money is collected or disbursed and also:
~ Pays approved bills
~ Keep an accurate, itemized account of receipts & expenditures.
~ Present a financial report at all meetings.
~ Act as a member of the fundraising committee and assist them in all of their undertakings.
~ Helps in setting up a budget for the club.
~ Collects membership dues.
The Secretary works closely with other officers and is aware of deadlines by maintaining good communication and sends out important information to the officers. The Secretary also:
~ Keeps a thorough record of the proceedings of each general, board and special meeting. 
~ Type and post the minutes of all meetings and emails them to the officers and members accordingly.
~ Assist with maintaining the web calendar and any webpages.
The Historian is the keeper of the club's memories.  The historian keeps a pictorial record of all club activities.
~ Maintains all historical records.
~ Captions and dates all photographs and videos
~ Helps maintain the club website and webphotos.     ..........

Our Club Faculty Advisor supervises the club's activites, aides in the planning and organizing of acitvities.  Nonetheless, the club is administered as much as possible by the club and members themselves.

Committees are a vital part of a successful club, if you are interested in participating in any of the following Committees, please email us at csulbesp@gmail.com

Social Committee ~ plans social events for the committee.
Publicity Committee ~ plans and distributes publicity in regards meetings and activities.
Fund raising Committee ~ plans and executes activities to raise funds and encourage donations.


We are more than happy to hear what we can do to help improve our organizationPlease click here to send us a suggestion, and if you'd prefer you may remain anonymous. Thank you!

Interested in becoming an officer next year?

Please email us at: csulbesp@gmail.com