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Department of Environmental Science & Policy
The ESP Degree program reflects an inherent inter- disciplinary nature and offers both BS and BA degrees, and a minor.  For more information, please visit the site.


CSULB ASI Recycling Center


Links to Articles

ARTICLE on CSULB's Eco-Week: Go Green!
12/06/2007: ASI's Conservation Commission hosted an environmental fair to empower students to live sustainably by informing them of alternatives to everyday consumer choices.  The ES&P Club helped host the event and encourages others to seek alternatives, since the littlest can make the biggest difference.

ARTICLE on CSULB's push for climate sustainability
10/08/2007: CSULB President F. King Alexander emphasized the vital role CSULB plays in addressing the growing environmental concerns of the community. Climate sustainability is an important topic and is supported by the ES&P Club.

ARTICLE on CSULB's installation of solar panels
09/10/2007: CSULB has installed 800 solar panels on top of Brotman Hall, and numerous solar panels on top of the Facilities Management canopy parking and will continue to install more in the future. The solar panel installations brings CSULB to the forefront of sustainability and is supported by the ES&P Club. 

ARTICLE on ES&P Club's sponsored wetland discussion        04/26/2007: ES&P Club sponsors a discussion on the state of California's wetlands.

ARTICLE on ES&P Club's 2007 Earth Week                            04/24/2007: ES&P Club sponsors earth week to help bring awareness to local environmental aspects in Long Beach.

AD in the Daily 49er regarding Water Conservation               04/2006: Long Beach Water Department put in ad in the Daily 49er congratulating CSULB and the support of environmental organizations, including the ES&P Club, in their water conservation efforts.



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