You have to start throwing in a pan a half liter of milk, along with rice and cinnamon stick. It is important to put it over medium low heat, although later centuries to warm, at least you saved that does not stick to the first, and then you go down to a minimum. Also you must be careful to stir with a spoon very occasionally. I use a wooden spoon, one that does not normally use for stews, otherwise that I have kept in a drawer, only for desserts; is that if not in dishes like this is just mixing the salty flavors of dishes with sweet dishes.

When you see the rice is almost cooked take out the cinnamon stick, and you can already put the almond paste made pieces. Also then you can also take the cream.
If you see that the fire is too high, you can lower it more. I do the minimum and cook the same, I do not know why but this dessert on fire takes a lot of heat.
By the way if you see that is all too thick when the rice is cooking, that is, that almost lacks milk, you can take another splash of milk. If necessary check little by little, the idea is to have milk with rice, but it has to be thick, if you take too much milk will be too liquid broth.
Cook for another bit until all ingredients are well mixed and a little thickened.
Let incorporating sugar and little by little, stirring, cook for another bit and see that it thickens, if you notice that you keep watching too little rice and milk, will take another splash of milk.
You must have it almost ready, if you see that the rice is cooked, with thick milk and sugar in your point, then you've got it solved.
You must allow it to cool and place in the refrigerator to be even more cool. It is very rich it cold, but in my house sometimes taken until hot, they can not resist. You can take cinnamon over this consumer tastes. A big kiss and I hope you enjoyed it.

Recipe developed by www.clubbakery.blogspot.com