An environmental club for Great Basin College Students!

Club Alfresco was founded on April 14th, 2010 by five Great Basin College students in Pahrump, Nevada who desired a venue to share their interests and collaborate on projects and ideas. On May 21st, 2010 their club was approved by the Student Government Association of Great Basin College - thus making official the first satellite campus club for the aforementioned college.  The direction of the club is, in a way, pan-directional - in that members are encouraged to explore all facets of the natural world, whether that be in the fields of conservation, 'primitive' culture, or environmental activism. So long as their main interest is connected to the study and/or well-being of the natural world, any new perspective is welcomed; without looking at a situation from every possible direction, how can anyone learn anything about it?

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Goals of
Our Club:
To Generate Awarness
of Environmental Conditions and to
Encourage all forms of Activism, both Direct & Indirect in hopes of supporting
the Conservation of Our Planet.

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