Kirkpatrick Patch

This is a quirky piece of uni-related family heritage, my husband's great grandfather (last name Kirkpatrick) passed on this Captain's patch from a letterman's jacket. He was on the team in Canton, Ohio, presumably the Canton Bulldogs. I can't find record of a Kirkpatrick on a Canton Bulldogs roster, but they are incomplete online until 1922. 

Anyone have more information? Is this story accurate?


Total view in frame (the picture behind it is a printout of the Canton Bulldog team photo in the 1920's, doesn't have the name Kirkpatrick)


Full view of the patch with quarter for sizing. Has the name Kirkpatrick (my husband's great grandfather) and letters CTD


This patch is thick and feels like felt with heavy stitching for the detail on both the football outline and the lettering

Back view. Looks like just cotton knit fabric


Just a side note- Joey Harrington is married, so does he substitute tape for a ring during games? This is the only part of his hand that he tapes. Anyone see this before Monday night's game?