City/Site Code Sort


    ID#             URL Site Name State/Province *Main Category*
aaa 172 ann arbor Michigan *US*
abb 471 fraser valley British Columbia *Canada*
abi 364 abilene Texas *US*
abq 50 albuquerque New Mexico *US*
abr 682 northeast SD South Dakota *US*
aby 637 albany Georgia *US*
abz 318 aberdeen United Kingdom *Europe*
aca 512 acapulco Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
acc 575 ghana Ghana *Africa*
add 576 ethiopia Ethiopia *Africa*
adl 68 adelaide Australia *Oceania*
aex 644 central louisiana Louisiana *US*
agp 539 malaga Spain *Europe*
ahn 258 athens Georgia *US*
akl 69 auckland New Zealand *Oceania*
alb 59 albany New York *US*
alc 533 alicante Spain *Europe*
alt 167 lehigh valley Pennsylvania *US*
ama 269 amarillo Texas *US*
amd 450 ahmedabad India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
ame 445 ames Iowa *US*
ams 82 amsterdam / randstad Netherlands *Europe*
anb 559 gadsden-anniston Alabama *US*
anc 51 anchorage / mat-su Alaska *US*
anp 460 annapolis Maryland *US*
aoo 355 altoona-johnstown Pennsylvania *US*
app 243 appleton-oshkosh-FDL Wisconsin *US*
ash 171 asheville North Carolina *US*
ath 144 greece Greece *Europe*
atl 14 atlanta Georgia *US*
aub 372 auburn Alabama *US*
aug 256 augusta Georgia *US*
aus 15 austin Texas *US*
avp 276 scranton / wilkes-barre Pennsylvania *US*
bak 63 bakersfield California *US*
bal 34 baltimore Maryland *US*
bar 83 barcelona Spain *Europe*
bbi 612 bhubaneswar India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
bcd 606 bacolod Philippines *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
bcs 406 baja california sur Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
bel 483 belleville Ontario *Canada*
ber 108 berlin Germany *Europe*
bey 296 beirut, lebanon Lebanon *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
bfd 626 brantford-woodstock Ontario *Canada*
bff 669 scottsbluff / panhandle Nebraska *US*
bgd 588 iraq Iraq *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
bgl 295 bangladesh Bangladesh *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
bgm 248 binghamton New York *US*
bhm 127 birmingham Alabama *US*
bhx 72 birmingham / west mids United Kingdom *Europe*
bil 657 billings Montana *US*
bio 535 bilbao Spain *Europe*
bis 666 bismarck North Dakota *US*
bji 663 bemidji Minnesota *US*
bjx 431 guanajuato Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
bkk 156 thailand Thailand *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
blf 115 belfast United Kingdom *Europe*
blg 396 bologna Italy *Europe*
blg 342 bowling green Kentucky *US*
bli 217 bellingham Washington *US*
bln 344 bloomington-normal Illinois *US*
bmg 229 bloomington Indiana *US*
bnc 446 boone North Carolina *US*
bnd 233 bend Oregon *US*
bne 66 brisbane Australia *Oceania*
bng 84 bangalore India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
bod 412 bordeaux France *Europe*
bog 393 colombia Colombia *Latin America and Caribbean*
boi 52 boise Idaho *US*
bos 4 boston Massachusetts *US*
bou 319 boulder Colorado *US*
bpt 264 beaumont / port arthur Texas *US*
brd 664 brainerd Minnesota *US*
bri 398 brighton United Kingdom *Europe*
brl 93 vermont Vermont *US*
brm 522 bremen Germany *Europe*
brn 529 bern Switzerland *Europe*
bro 266 brownsville Texas *US*
brr 389 barrie Ontario *Canada*
brs 117 bristol United Kingdom *Europe*
bru 109 belgium Belgium *Europe*
bsb 514 brasilia Brazil *Latin America and Caribbean*
bsl 528 basel Switzerland *Europe*
btc 628 battle creek Michigan *US*
bth 494 bath United Kingdom *Europe*
btm 661 butte Montana *US*
btr 199 baton rouge Louisiana *US*
bud 153 budapest Hungary *Europe*
bue 114 buenos aires Argentina *Latin America and Caribbean*
buf 40 buffalo New York *US*
buh 574 romania Romania *Europe*
bwk 570 brunswick Georgia *US*
bzn 658 bozeman Montana *US*
cae 101 columbia South Carolina *US*
cai 162 egypt Egypt *Africa*
cak 251 akron / canton Ohio *US*
cam 312 cambridge, UK United Kingdom *Europe*
can 409 guangzhou China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
cap 239 cape cod / islands Massachusetts *US*
cas 580 morocco Morocco *Africa*
cat 451 catskills New York *US*
cbd 345 southern illinois Illinois *US*
cbg 705 cumberland valley Pennsylvania *US*
cbo 621 cariboo British Columbia *Canada*
cbr 489 canberra Australia *Oceania*
ccs 178 venezuela Venezuela *Latin America and Caribbean*
cdo 604 cagayan de oro Philippines *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
cdz 536 cadiz Spain *Europe*
ceb 548 cebu Philippines *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
ced 340 cedar rapids Iowa *US*
cfl 639 heartland florida Florida *US*
cgn 313 cologne Germany *Europe*
cha 41 charlotte North Carolina *US*
chc 187 chico California *US*
che 182 chennai (madras) India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
chh 505 chihuahua Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
chi 11 chicago Illinois *US*
chk 484 chatham-kent Ontario *Canada*
chl 701 chillicothe Ohio *US*
chm 190 champaign urbana Illinois *US*
chq 452 chautauqua New York *US*
chr 301 christchurch New Zealand *Oceania*
chs 128 charleston South Carolina *US*
cht 220 chattanooga Tennessee *US*
cin 35 cincinnati Ohio *US*
cjs 511 ciudad juarez Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
ckg 601 chongqing China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
ckv 465 clarksville Tennessee *US*
cle 27 cleveland Ohio *US*
clg 77 calgary Alberta *Canada*
cmu 434 central michigan Michigan *US*
cmx 473 comox valley British Columbia *Canada*
cnf 513 belo horizonte Brazil *Latin America and Caribbean*
cnj 349 central NJ New Jersey *US*
cns 592 cairns Australia *Oceania*
cok 410 kerala India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
col 42 columbus Ohio *US*
coo 670 cookeville Tennessee *US*
cop 107 copenhagen Denmark *Europe*
cor 321 oregon coast Oregon *US*
cos 210 colorado springs Colorado *US*
cou 222 columbia / jeff city Missouri *US*
cov 495 coventry United Kingdom *Europe*
cpt 136 cape town South Africa *Africa*
crb 299 caribbean islands *Latin America and Caribbean*
cri 179 costa rica Costa Rica *Latin America and Caribbean*
crk 608 pampanga Philippines *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
crp 265 corpus christi Texas *US*
crv 350 corvallis/albany Oregon *US*
crw 439 charleston West Virginia *US*
csd 681 pierre / central SD South Dakota *US*
csg 343 columbus Georgia *US*
cst 326 college station Texas *US*
ctu 602 chengdu China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
cvn 653 clovis / portales New Mexico *US*
cwb 517 curitiba Brazil *Latin America and Caribbean*
cym 116 cardiff / wales United Kingdom *Europe*
dab 238 daytona beach Florida *US*
dal 21 dallas / fort worth Texas *US*
day 131 dayton / springfield Ohio *US*
dbq 362 dubuque Iowa *US*
dby 496 derby United Kingdom *Europe*
del 86 delhi India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
den 13 denver Colorado *US*
det 22 detroit metro Michigan *US*
dhn 467 dothan Alabama *US*
dil 569 decatur Illinois *US*
dlc 600 dalian China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
dlh 255 duluth / superior Minnesota *US*
dlw 193 delaware Delaware *US*
dnd 498 dundee United Kingdom *Europe*
dnv 367 danville Virginia *US*
drs 521 dresden Germany *Europe*
drt 647 del rio / eagle pass Texas *US*
drw 491 darwin Australia *Oceania*
dsm 98 des moines Iowa *US*
dub 74 dublin Ireland *Europe*
dud 594 dunedin New Zealand *Oceania*
dur 303 durban South Africa *Africa*
dus 418 dusseldorf Germany *Europe*
dvc 399 devon & cornwall United Kingdom *Europe*
dvo 547 davao city Philippines *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
eau 242 eau claire Wisconsin *US*
eco 713 eastern CO Colorado *US*
edi 75 edinburgh United Kingdom *Europe*
edm 78 edmonton Alberta *Canada*
eid 424 east idaho Idaho *US*
eky 674 eastern kentucky Kentucky *US*
elk 652 elko Nevada *US*
elm 453 elmira-corning New York *US*
elp 132 el paso Texas *US*
eml 400 east midlands United Kingdom *Europe*
ena 678 kenai peninsula Alaska *US*
enc 335 eastern NC North Carolina *US*
end 650 northwest OK Oklahoma *US*
eor 322 east oregon Oregon *US*
eri 275 erie Pennsylvania *US*
esh 328 eastern shore Maryland *US*
ess 523 essen / ruhr Germany *Europe*
esx 497 essex United Kingdom *Europe*
etx 308 tyler / east TX Texas *US*
eug 94 eugene Oregon *US*
ew 227 evansville Indiana *US*
ewv 444 eastern panhandle West Virginia *US*
ezf 457 fredericksburg Virginia *US*
fai 677 fairbanks Alaska *US*
far 435 fargo / moorhead North Dakota *US*
fay 273 fayetteville North Carolina *US*
fca 662 kalispell Montana *US*
fdk 633 frederick Maryland *US*
fgl 685 finger lakes New York *US*
fhu 468 sierra vista Arizona *US*
flg 244 flagstaff / sedona Arizona *US*
flo 464 florence South Carolina *US*
flr 152 florence / tuscany Italy *Europe*
fmc 477 ft mcmurray Alberta *Canada*
fmy 125 ft myers / SW florida Florida *US*
fnm 568 farmington New Mexico *US*
fnt 259 flint Michigan *US*
fra 141 frankfurt Germany *Europe*
fre 43 fresno / madera California *US*
fro 542 faro / algarve Portugal *Europe*
fsd 679 sioux falls / SE SD South Dakota *US*
fsm 358 fort smith Arkansas *US*
ftc 287 fort collins / north CO Colorado *US*
ftd 693 fort dodge Iowa *US*
ftl 518 fortaleza Brazil *Latin America and Caribbean*
fuk 503 fukuoka Japan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
fwa 226 fort wayne Indiana *US*
fyv 293 fayetteville Arkansas *US*
gbo 61 greensboro North Carolina *US*
gdl 404 guadalajara Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
gen 531 genoa Italy *Europe*
gfk 667 grand forks North Dakota *US*
gfl 686 glens falls New York *US*
gil 432 grand island Nebraska *US*
gjt 320 western slope Colorado *US*
gla 73 glasgow United Kingdom *Europe*
gld 373 gold country California *US*
gls 470 galveston Texas *US*
gnb 525 grenoble France *Europe*
gnv 219 gainesville Florida *US*
goa 430 goa India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
gph 482 guelph Ontario *Canada*
gpt 230 gulfport / biloxi Mississippi *US*
grb 241 green bay Wisconsin *US*
grk 327 killeen / temple / ft hood Texas *US*
grr 129 grand rapids Michigan *US*
grx 538 granada Spain *Europe*
gsp 253 greenville / upstate South Carolina *US*
gtf 660 great falls Montana *US*
gua 585 guatemala Guatemala *Latin America and Caribbean*
gum 245 guam-micronesia Territories *US*
gum 245 guam-micronesia ??Guam *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
gva 146 geneva Switzerland *Europe*
haj 417 hannover Germany *Europe*
ham 140 hamburg Germany *Europe*
hat 619 medicine hat Alberta *Canada*
hba 490 tasmania Australia *Oceania*
hdb 519 heidelberg Germany *Europe*
hel 145 finland Denmark *Europe*
hez 642 southwest MS Mississippi *US*
hfa 391 haifa Israel and Palestine *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
hfx 174 halifax Nova Scotia *Canada*
hgh 500 hangzhou China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
hhi 353 hilton head South Carolina *US*
hij 504 hiroshima Japan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
hky 462 hickory / lenoir North Carolina *US*
hkz 87 hong kong Hong Kong *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
hld 630 holland Michigan *US*
hln 659 helena Montana *US*
hmb 189 humboldt county California *US*
hml 213 hamilton-burlington Ontario *Canada*
hnf 709 hanford-corcoran California *US*
hnl 28 hawaii Hawaii *US*
hou 23 houston Texas *US*
hpr 595 pretoria South Africa *Africa*
hrm 506 hermosillo Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
hrs 166 harrisburg Pennsylvania *US*
hsv 231 huntsville / decatur Alabama *US*
htf 44 hartford Connecticut *US*
hts 442 huntington-ashland West Virginia *US*
hud 249 hudson valley New York *US*
hum 643 houma Louisiana *US*
hvn 168 new haven Connecticut *US*
hyd 183 hyderabad India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
iac 339 iowa city Iowa *US*
ibz 534 baleares Spain *Europe*
idr 549 indore India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
ilo 605 iloilo Philippines *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
imp 455 imperial county California *US*
ind 45 indianapolis Indiana *US*
inl 104 inland empire California *US*
isp 250 long island New York *US*
ist 148 turkey Turkey *Europe*
ith 201 ithaca New York *US*
ixc 610 chandigarh India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
jai 550 jaipur India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
jan 134 jackson Mississippi *US*
jax 80 jacksonville Florida *US*
jbr 425 jonesboro Arkansas *US*
jfn 700 ashtabula Ohio *US*
jkt 157 indonesia Indonesia *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
jln 423 joplin Missouri *US*
jnb 185 johannesburg South Africa *Africa*
jnu 676 southeast alaska Alaska *US*
jrs 161 jerusalem Israel and Palestine *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
jvl 553 janesville Wisconsin *US*
jxn 426 jackson Michigan *US*
jxt 558 jackson Tennessee *US*
jys 561 jersey shore New Jersey *US*
kbp 583 ukraine Ukraine *Europe*
kch 214 kitchener-waterloo-cambridge Ontario *Canada*
kel 380 kelowna / okanagan British Columbia *Canada*
ken 493 kent United Kingdom *Europe*
key 330 florida keys Florida *US*
klf 675 klamath falls Oregon *US*
klt 618 kaiserslautern Germany *Europe*
kml 381 kamloops British Columbia *Canada*
kng 385 kingston Ontario *Canada*
knx 202 knoxville Tennessee *US*
kol 184 kolkata (calcutta) India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
koo 474 kootenays British Columbia *Canada*
kpr 324 kennewick-pasco-richland Washington *US*
krk 696 kirksville Missouri *US*
ksc 30 kansas city Missouri *US*
kwi 577 kuwait Kuwait *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
kzo 261 kalamazoo Michigan *US*
laf 360 lafayette / west lafayette Indiana *US*
lal 376 lakeland Florida *US*
lan 212 lansing Michigan *US*
lau 615 lausanne Switzerland *Europe*
law 422 lawton Oklahoma *US*
lax 7 los angeles California *US*
lbb 267 lubbock Texas *US*
lbf 668 north platte Nebraska *US*
lcq 638 north central FL Florida *US*
lcr 334 las cruces New Mexico *US*
ldn 24 london United Kingdom *Europe*
lds 123 leeds United Kingdom *Europe*
lej 520 leipzig Germany *Europe*
lex 133 lexington Kentucky *US*
lft 283 lafayette Louisiana *US*
lgu 448 logan Utah *US*
lil 413 lille France *Europe*
lim 159 peru Peru *Latin America and Caribbean*
lis 540 lisbon Portugal *Europe*
lit 100 little rock Arkansas *US*
liv 118 liverpool United Kingdom *Europe*
lkc 284 lake charles Louisiana *US*
lko 611 lucknow India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
lma 437 lima / findlay Ohio *US*
lnk 282 lincoln Nebraska *US*
lns 279 lancaster Pennsylvania *US*
lon 234 london Ontario *Canada*
lou 58 louisville Kentucky *US*
loz 695 lake of the ozarks Missouri *US*
lpb 578 bolivia Bolivia *Latin America and Caribbean*
lrd 271 laredo Texas *US*
lse 363 la crosse Wisconsin *US*
lsl 698 la salle co Illinois *US*
lth 476 lethbridge Alberta *Canada*
lux 544 luxembourg Luxembourg *Europe*
lvg 26 las vegas Nevada *US*
lwr 347 lawrence Kansas *US*
lws 654 lewiston / clarkston Idaho *US*
lyn 366 lynchburg Virginia *US*
lys 150 lyon France *Europe*
mad 165 madison Wisconsin *US*
man 71 manchester United Kingdom *Europe*
mbs 260 saginaw-midland-baycity Michigan *US*
mca 263 mcallen / edinburg Texas *US*
mcn 257 macon / warner robins Georgia *US*
mdd 110 madrid Spain *Europe*
mdo 454 mendocino county California *US*
mdv 706 meadville Pennsylvania *US*
mei 641 meridian Mississippi *US*
mel 65 melbourne Australia *Oceania*
mem 46 memphis Tennessee *US*
mer 285 merced California *US*
mex 91 mexico city Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
mfd 436 mansfield Ohio *US*
mfr 216 medford-ashland Oregon *US*
mga 586 nicaragua Nicaragua *Latin America and Caribbean*
mgm 207 montgomery Alabama *US*
mhk 428 manhattan Kansas *US*
mhv 565 mohave county Arizona *US*
mia 20 fort lauderdale Florida *US*
mia 20 south florida Florida *US*
mia 20 west palm beach Florida *US*
mil 47 milwaukee Wisconsin *US*
min 19 minneapolis / st paul Minnesota *US*
mkg 554 muskegon Michigan *US*
mkt 421 mankato Minnesota *US*
mlb 331 space coast Florida *US*
mli 307 quad cities Iowa *US*
mlk 655 moses lake Washington *US*
mlu 563 monroe Louisiana *US*
mly 297 malaysia Malaysia *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
mml 665 southwest MN Minnesota *US*
mne 169 maine Maine *US*
mnl 90 manila Philippines *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
mnr 629 monroe Michigan *US*
mnt 192 montana (old) Montana *US*
mob 200 mobile Alabama *US*
mod 96 modesto California *US*
mon 49 montreal Quebec *Canada*
mos 137 moscow Russian Federation *Europe*
mpl 524 montpellier France *Europe*
mrs 149 marseille France *Europe*
msc 692 mason city Iowa *US*
msl 560 florence / muscle shoals Alabama *US*
mso 656 missoula Montana *US*
mtb 102 monterey bay California *US*
mto 699 mattoon-charleston Illinois *US*
mty 408 monterrey Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
muc 142 munich Germany *Europe*
mum 85 mumbai India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
mun 361 muncie / anderson Indiana *US*
mvd 543 montevideo Uruguay *Latin America and Caribbean*
mvw 461 skagit / island / SJI Washington *US*
mxp 111 milan Italy *Europe*
myr 254 myrtle beach South Carolina *US*
mzt 509 mazatlan Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
nap 151 napoli / campania Italy *Europe*
nbo 582 kenya Kenya *Africa*
nbw 379 new brunswick New Brunswick *Canada*
nce 306 nice / cote d'azur France *Europe*
ncl 163 newcastle / NE england United Kingdom *Europe*
nct 354 northwest CT Connecticut *US*
ndk 196 north dakota North Dakota *US*
nfk 48 hampton roads Virginia *US*
nfl 305 st john's Newfoundland and Labrador *Canada*
ngo 501 nagoya Japan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
nhm 198 new hampshire New Hampshire *US*
njy 170 north jersey New Jersey *US*
nkg 599 nanjing China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
nlo 281 eastern CT Connecticut *US*
nmi 309 northern michigan Michigan *US*
nmo 382 nanaimo British Columbia *Canada*
nms 375 north mississippi Mississippi *US*
nor 31 new orleans Louisiana *US*
not 492 nottingham United Kingdom *Europe*
nph 703 tuscarawas co Ohio *US*
nsc 386 niagara region Ontario *Canada*
nsh 32 nashville Tennessee *US*
nte 415 loire valley France *Europe*
ntl 591 newcastle, NSW Australia *Oceania*
nue 614 nuremberg Germany *Europe*
nwg 636 northwest GA Georgia *US*
nwh 402 east anglia United Kingdom *Europe*
nwi 631 northern WI Wisconsin *US*
nwk 688 northwest KS Kansas *US*
nyc 3 new york city New York *US*
oaj 634 jacksonville North Carolina *US*
oax 510 oaxaca Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
obx 336 outer banks North Carolina *US*
oca 333 ocala Florida *US*
och 645 deep east texas Texas *US*
odm 268 odessa / midland Texas *US*
ogd 351 ogden-clearfield Utah *US*
ohu 438 athens Ohio *US*
oka 429 okinawa Japan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
okc 54 oklahoma city Oklahoma *US*
okk 672 kokomo Indiana *US*
okv 711 winchester Virginia *US*
olp 466 olympic peninsula Washington *US*
oma 55 omaha / council bluffs Nebraska *US*
onh 684 oneonta New York *US*
ool 590 gold coast Australia *Oceania*
orc 103 orange county California *US*
orl 39 orlando Florida *US*
osa 120 osaka-kobe-kyoto Japan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
osl 105 norway Norway *Europe*
osu 433 stillwater Oklahoma *US*
ott 76 ottawa-hull-gatineau Ontario *Canada*
otu 691 southeast IA Iowa *US*
ovf 211 oxford United Kingdom *Europe*
owb 673 owensboro Kentucky *US*
ows 487 owen sound Ontario *Canada*
oxr 208 ventura county California *US*
pak 294 pakistan Pakistan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
pal 551 west bank Israel and Palestine *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
pan 298 panama Panama *Latin America and Caribbean*
par 81 paris France *Europe*
pax 620 peace river country Alberta *Canada*
pbl 508 puebla Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
pdx 9 portland Oregon *US*
peg 530 perugia Italy *Europe*
pei 304 prince edward island Prince Edward Island *Canada*
pek 154 beijing China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
per 67 perth Australia *Oceania*
pfn 562 panama city Florida *US*
pgp 515 porto alegre Brazil *Latin America and Caribbean*
phi 17 philadelphia Pennsylvania *US*
phn 555 port huron Michigan *US*
phx 18 phoenix Arizona *US*
pia 224 peoria Illinois *US*
pit 33 pittsburgh Pennsylvania *US*
pkb 441 parkersburg-marietta West Virginia *US*
plb 338 plattsburgh-adirondacks New York *US*
plm 368 pullman / moscow Washington *US*
png 317 pune India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
pns 203 pensacola Florida *US*
poc 356 poconos Pennsylvania *US*
prc 419 prescott Arizona *US*
prg 138 prague Czech Republic *Europe*
pri 180 puerto rico Territories *US*
pri 180 puerto rico Puerto Rico *Latin America and Caribbean*
prv 38 rhode island Rhode Island *US*
psl 332 treasure coast Florida *US*
psp 209 palm springs California *US*
psu 277 state college Pennsylvania *US*
ptd 683 potsdam-canton-massena New York *US*
pto 541 porto Portugal *Europe*
pub 315 pueblo Colorado *US*
pvr 407 puerto vallarta Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
pvu 292 provo / orem Utah *US*
qbc 175 quebec city Quebec *Canada*
qcy 697 western IL Illinois *US*
qui 545 ecuador Ecuador *Latin America and Caribbean*
rac 552 kenosha-racine Wisconsin *US*
ral 36 raleigh / durham / CH North Carolina *US*
rap 680 rapid city / west SD South Dakota *US*
rbg 459 roseburg Oregon *US*
rck 288 high rockies Colorado *US*
rcs 126 rochester New York *US*
rdd 188 redding California *US*
rea 278 reading Pennsylvania *US*
rec 516 recife Brazil *Latin America and Caribbean*
red 475 red deer Alberta *Canada*
reg 478 regina Saskatchewan *Canada*
rfd 223 rockford Illinois *US*
ric 60 richmond Virginia *US*
rin 671 richmond Indiana *US*
rio 139 rio de janeiro Brazil *Latin America and Caribbean*
rkv 579 reykjavik Iceland *Europe*
rmn 316 rochester Minnesota *US*
rno 92 reno / tahoe Nevada *US*
rns 526 brittany France *Europe*
roa 289 roanoke Virginia *US*
rom 121 rome Italy *Europe*
rou 527 normandy France *Europe*
row 420 roswell / carlsbad New Mexico *US*
sac 12 sacramento California *US*
saf 218 santa fe / taos New Mexico *US*
sal 587 el salvador El Salvador *Latin America and Caribbean*
sat 53 san antonio Texas *US*
sav 205 savannah / hinesville Georgia *US*
sba 62 santa barbara California *US*
sbm 571 sheboygan Wisconsin *US*
sbn 228 south bend / michiana Indiana *US*
scl 158 chile Chile *Latin America and Caribbean*
sdj 596 sendai Japan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
sdk 195 south dakota South Dakota *US*
sdo 8 san diego California *US*
sdq 617 dominican republic Dominican Republic *Latin America and Caribbean*
sea 2 seattle-tacoma Washington *US*
sek 689 southeast KS Kansas *US*
sel 119 seoul Korea *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
sev 395 sevilla Spain *Europe*
sfo 1 san francisco bay area California *US*
sgf 221 springfield Missouri *US*
sgy 480 saguenay Quebec *Canada*
sha 135 shanghai China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
shb 390 sherbrooke Quebec *Canada*
shd 447 harrisonburg Virginia *US*
she 598 shenyang China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
shf 401 sheffield United Kingdom *Europe*
shv 206 shreveport Louisiana *US*
sic 311 sicilia Italy *Europe*
sjt 646 san angelo Texas *US*
ske 623 skeena-bulkley British Columbia *Canada*
skt 176 saskatoon Saskatchewan *Canada*
sky 573 sandusky Ohio *US*
slc 56 salt lake city Utah *US*
sle 232 salem Oregon *US*
slo 191 san luis obispo California *US*
sma 378 south coast Massachusetts *US*
smd 556 southern maryland Maryland *US*
smo 566 southeast missouri Missouri *US*
smx 710 santa maria California *US*
sng 89 singapore Singapore *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
snj 286 south jersey New Jersey *US*
sns 690 salina Kansas *US*
sof 584 bulgaria Bulgaria *Europe*
soo 485 sault ste marie Ontario *Canada*
sou 403 hampshire United Kingdom *Europe*
sow 651 show low Arizona *US*
spi 225 springfield Illinois *US*
spk 95 spokane / coeur d'alene Washington *US*
spo 113 sao paulo Brazil *Latin America and Caribbean*
spp 502 sapporo Japan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
srd 532 sardinia Italy *Europe*
srn 486 sarnia Ontario *Canada*
srq 237 sarasota-bradenton Florida *US*
ssa 392 salvador, bahia Brazil *Latin America and Caribbean*
ssk 708 siskiyou county California *US*
ssn 707 susanville California *US*
stc 369 st cloud Minnesota *US*
stg 352 st george Utah *US*
sth 106 sweden Sweden *Europe*
stj 694 st joseph Missouri *US*
stk 97 stockton California *US*
stl 29 st louis Missouri *US*
stp 143 st petersburg Russian Federation *Europe*
str 416 stuttgart Germany *Europe*
sud 384 sudbury Ontario *Canada*
sun 622 sunshine coast British Columbia *Canada*
sux 341 sioux city Iowa *US*
svt 613 surat surat India *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
swk 687 southwest KS Kansas *US*
swm 572 southwest michigan Michigan *US*
swv 632 southern WV West Virginia *US*
sxb 414 strasbourg France *Europe*
syd 64 sydney Australia *Oceania*
syr 130 syracuse New York *US*
szx 499 shenzhen China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
tal 186 tallahassee Florida *US*
tbr 635 statesboro Georgia *US*
tby 387 thunder bay Ontario *Canada*
tfn 537 canarias Spain *Europe*
tha 348 terre haute Indiana *US*
thb 627 the thumb Michigan *US*
tij 181 tijuana Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
tls 411 toulouse France *Europe*
tlv 160 tel aviv Israel and Palestine *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
toc 488 territories Northwest Territories *Canada*
tok 88 tokyo Japan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
tol 204 toledo Ohio *US*
tor 25 toronto Ontario *Canada*
tpa 37 tampa bay area Florida *US*
tpk 280 topeka Kansas *US*
trh 589 iran Iran *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
tri 323 tri-cities Tennessee *US*
trn 397 torino Italy *Europe*
trs 479 trois-rivieres Quebec *Canada*
tsc 371 tuscaloosa Alabama *US*
tsu 449 san marcos Texas *US*
tts 704 twin tiers NY/PA New York *US*
tul 70 tulsa Oklahoma *US*
tun 581 tunisia Tunisia *Africa*
tus 57 tucson Arizona *US*
twd 155 taiwan Taiwan *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
twf 469 twin falls Idaho *US*
txk 359 texarkana Arkansas *US*
txm 649 texoma Texas *US*
uae 215 united arab emirates United Arab Emirates *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
usm 374 hattiesburg Mississippi *US*
ust 557 st augustine Florida *US*
uti 247 utica-rome-oneida New York *US*
uva 290 charlottesville Virginia *US*
val 394 valencia Spain *Europe*
van 16 vancouver British Columbia *Canada*
vaw 712 southwest VA Virginia *US*
vce 310 venice / veneto Italy *Europe*
vcz 507 veracruz Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
vic 177 victoria British Columbia *Canada*
vie 122 vienna Austria *Europe*
vis 346 visalia-tulare California *US*
vld 427 valdosta Georgia *US*
vpi 291 new river valley Virginia *US*
vrg 616 U.S. virgin islands Territories *US*
vrg 616 virgin islands Virgin Islands, U.S. *Latin America and Caribbean*
vtn 314 vietnam Vietnam *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
vtx 564 victoria Texas *US*
wau 458 wausau Wisconsin *US*
waw 147 poland Poland *Europe*
wco 270 waco Texas *US*
wdc 10 washington District of Columbia *US*
wen 325 wenatchee Washington *US*
whh 625 whitehorse Yukon Territory *Canada*
whi 472 whistler British Columbia *Canada*
whl 443 northern panhandle West Virginia *US*
wic 99 wichita Kansas *US*
win 79 winnipeg Manitoba *Canada*
wky 377 western KY Kentucky *US*
wll 302 wellington New Zealand *Oceania*
wlo 567 waterloo / cedar falls Iowa *US*
wma 173 western massachusetts Massachusetts *US*
wmd 329 western maryland Maryland *US*
wnc 274 wilmington North Carolina *US*
wnp 609 bicol region Philippines *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
wol 593 wollongong Australia *Oceania*
wor 240 worcester / central MA Massachusetts *US*
wpt 463 williamsport Pennsylvania *US*
wsl 272 winston-salem North Carolina *US*
wsr 235 windsor Ontario *Canada*
wtf 365 wichita falls Texas *US*
wtn 337 watertown New York *US*
wtx 648 southwest TX Texas *US*
wuh 597 wuhan China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
wva 194 west virginia (old) West Virginia *US*
wvu 440 morgantown West Virginia *US*
wyo 197 wyoming Wyoming *US*
xiy 603 xi'an China *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
yak 246 yakima Washington *US*

ykf 624 yellowknife Northwest Territories *Canada*
yng 252 youngstown Ohio *US*
ypq 388 peterborough Ontario *Canada*
yps 640 okaloosa / walton Florida *US*
yrk 357 york Pennsylvania *US*
yuc 405 yucatan Mexico *Latin America and Caribbean*
yum 370 yuma Arizona *US*
yup 262 upper peninsula Michigan *US*
yxs 383 prince george British Columbia *Canada*
zag 546 croatia Croatia *Europe*
zam 607 zamboanga Philippines *Asia, Pacific and Middle East*
zur 112 zurich Switzerland *Europe*
zyl 702 zanesville / cambridge Ohio *US*