Content in Motion: Making Movies as Proof of Learning

Welcome to "personal learning device training" training. We hope todays session will inspire, 
challenge and transform the way you approach instruction.
iPads change the way teachers and students access the web, share media, and learn on the go. Fun hands-on activities and opportunities to explore new Apps make this session a highlight of the conference. Everyone will edit a video, annotate an ebook, and collaborate on an online doc. An overview of mobile learning in the classroom, cutting-edge 1:1 programs, and volume licensing for education will also be included. Best of all, participants each receive a 16 GB wifi iPad to take with them when they leave! 

Warren Dale                                        

Welcome Activity
Making a difference: one App at a time (video)
iBooks: beyond textbooks

Overview of The New iPad
What's in the box?
Setting Up the iPad
Hardware Controls
Software Controls
Getting Online
iTunes Accounts
How to create an iTunes Account (Simple and Recommended):  
How to create an iTunes Account without a Credit Card (A Bit More Complicated)
Syncing with iTunes
iTunes App Store
Volume licensing for schools

Facetime Demo (or Skype Demo)
 video ($4.99 from Apple)
BeatMaker 2

Links to Apps:
Check out these slide decks by Cheryl Davis, Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher
iEar: A Community effort to Grade Educational Apps
CommonCore App
CS Core

Online Resources
Khan Academy, learn almost anything for free (Don't forget the dashboard!)
Sophia is a great source of online tutorials

This is a great link for video tutorials
Maybe we can learn from others: