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In the Pacific Northwest winter rains, mosses of all kinds thrive in every possible place.







Here is a simple backyyard fence supporting a lush little colony of mosses in bloom





Four macro views of the tiny moss flowers.



















In a certain park in Olympia, WA, there is a certain upturned root stump that, in winter, is a world of mosses and mushrooms: most of these images show the many angles and tiny gardens of that stump.
































































One of these days, I will come back here with proper identifications on these images!














These mosses grow on an open area of a very mysterious land-form, a mounded prairie. 

Mima Mounds Natural Reserve is located near Littlerock, a few miles south of Olympia.

The puplic is welcomed to stay on the trails and enjoy the peculiarities of the place.



Click on these images and imagine snorkling through these reef-like gardens!