Immanuel Lutheran Preschool currently offers a Christian preschool program for children aged three through five. The program is licensed (star level: two) through the state of New Mexico and operates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We offer two program options: our regular AM preschool program is held 8:00-11:30, with a full day option that includes the morning preschool and dismisses in the afternoon at 2:30. See our Program Summary page for more information. Our school is one of several Christian schools in the area, but we are the only Lutheran – LCMS – preschool in Clovis.

The mission of Immanuel Lutheran Preschool is to provide a high-quality, Christ-centered education, to children aged three through five who are enrolled in our program. This occurs through a balance of teacher- and child-directed activities which follow a planned curriculum that is directly based in the Word.

Visitors, Look Here!

We are so glad you have found us! Immanuel Lutheran Preschool is a small preschool located in Clovis, New Mexico that operates as a mission of Immanuel Lutheran Church. The preschool's class size allows up to 14 students and is taught by the director/teacher and her aide. We do a variety of different activities each day and follow a CPH curriculum. If you are stopping in to take a look at our program please take a look through the program summary (see the program summary tab on the menu). If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling your child in our program please call or email us!